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America’s First Job Tips – How to Impress Your New Job!

Most young people entering the workplace will have their first job tips handed to them upon their arrival. In a recent survey, 71 percent of new graduates remain employed at their first job less than a year later. Despite today’s fast-paced environment, your first job out of college is probably one of your most important. Your first job, too, is probably fleeting, so make sure you absorb every opportunity that you’re given.

One of the best first job tips is to always dress casually. A recent survey revealed that only 35 percent of new graduates follow this advice. Young professionals everywhere are clamoring for positions as entry-level employees, receptionists, and accountants, but many forget the importance of dressing appropriately. Remember that employers are seeing your first job as an open-ended experience. Your professional wardrobe reflects how well you learn and perform on a regular basis.

Another one of America’s most popular entry-level tips is time management. Although many employers value formal training in their fields, a recent study revealed that managers don’t necessarily value time management when choosing a new employee. According to the study, managers consider only one aspect when evaluating potential employees: strict fit with the company’s objectives. Unfortunately, time management is often overlooked as a vital first job skill for new graduates.

Your first job involves multitasking, which is another important entry-level skill that often goes unmentioned among many young professionals. This is because most people do not prioritize tasks when first getting a job. Tasks can pile up and seem overwhelming, leading many young workers to give up and avoid taking on additional tasks.

If you want to make the best first impression, remember to be a good listener. One of America’s most popular entry-level job tips is to listen effectively. You might think this is a cliche, but remember that employers are watching you. They might be impressed with your ability to pay attention, but they’ll also judge your personality as well. If you are laid back and do not like to discuss yourself too much, you might come off as a whiny person who doesn’t like to be challenged.

One of America’s favorite first job tips is to keep your communication skills sharp. This includes staying up to date on your field, industry, and company. Keep your resume current and look professional at all times. Learn to speak up when you think something is wrong or unfair. Being assertive may come across as brash, but remember that employers appreciate it when workers do a good job and try hard.

Before going in for the first interview, it is important to know your interviewer. If you are asked about what you might bring to the company that will make them look good, answer with confidence about what you think you could bring to the position. Even small or silly questions can throw off an interview, so it is best to be prepared. For example, if you think you might be good at handling data or numbers, ask about what type of computer programs you use to get work done. If you think you might have a talent for impressing customers, mention the last time you gave a good customer service example, how you handled a difficult situation, or how you helped a customer to reach his or her goals.

As mentioned earlier, keep your communication skills sharp, even when you are just getting your first job. Ask questions. Communicate with your interviewer. Make eye contact. Stay aware of body language. You can find many other first job tips, including those on writing skills, for use when you are looking for employment.