career development

An Overview of Career Development

Career Development Planning describes the process by which an individual can undergo to evolve his occupational status in professional terms. It is basically the act of making conscious decisions for future learning, to align future goals with existing career progression opportunities. The basic idea behind career development planning is to enable individuals to identify their own skills and knowledge base and to acquire new and relevant knowledge as well. This planning enables individuals to chart their own course through career development and ultimately to choose the appropriate career options. Thus career development serves a vital role in providing individuals with various alternatives in the professional arena.

One of the most important aspects of career development is providing employees with various career-oriented programs that help them develop a clear vision of their career goals. This helps employees identify their aptitudes and skill sets that they need to leverage towards their career goals. This helps employees to work productively and become productive. It is also essential for employees to be actively involved in various career development programs that help them enhance their skills, knowledge and competencies.

Professional development can take various forms such as continuing education, seminars and workshops, seminars on particular industry verticals and various other training programs. In today’s corporate world, employees are required to work in teams, interact with different people from diverse backgrounds and to work in a team atmosphere. Thus it becomes imperative for employers to equip their employees with all the necessary knowledge and information about the industry vertical and the business scenario that the company is facing. In fact, according to a survey conducted, it has been found that more than 60% companies across the US are participating in employee professional development programs to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of the workforce.

Self-improvement is another major concept of career development. This helps employees to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and to work towards developing their skills. Self-improvement helps employees gain new knowledge and improve their performance and enhance their ability to work independently. Moreover, self-improvement provides an excellent platform for the employees who are interested in venturing into new fields or looking for new job opportunities. This further enables them to differentiate their capabilities and enhance their chances of finding better job opportunities.

There are many professional development activities that are undertaken by employers and individual development agencies in the US. Career Development Incorporated is an example of an employer organization that caters to small, medium and large organizations. They provide their members with a wide range of career development services aimed at equipping the employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve career success. Career Development USA is one such career development organization that has been operating since nearly eleven decades.

There are also several career development centers, which are designed to assist employees in building up their strengths, enhancing their knowledge and skills and helping them make informed decisions. Career Development Centers offers a comprehensive array of services, which include career planning and management, career development planning, career transition planning, career change planning and mentoring. Apart from providing their members with information on these three basic stages, career development centers conduct workshops, seminars and interviews to help them identify their personal development goals, formulate realistic short and long-term goals, learn ways to develop their skills and enhance their leadership skills. The services offered by career development centers also include providing resources for career management and planning.

Career Development USA is a great example of an employer organization that caters to employees, including graduate, undergraduate and post-graduate level enrollments. They provide their members with a wide range of career development services aimed at enriching their knowledge and increasing their employability in the job market. Some of the services offered by Career Development USA include:

It is important for an organization to establish the right environment to encourage career development within its employees. Since career development focuses on the promotion of skills and abilities, it is imperative that the company ensures that its employees have access to the right tools and information to achieve their career goals. The HR department should work closely with career development specialists to ensure that all employees have the best opportunities in the industry. The HR department should provide opportunities for its employees to interact with each other on relevant career development topics. The success of any organization is measured not only by the number of people who remain in it for a considerable period of time but also those who are able to achieve career success later on.