If you have recently graduated from college and are in need of work or volunteer opportunities, then your best bet is to create a resume that showcases your unique qualities and experiences that can help you get that new job or volunteer position you desire. Many people often neglect to put together a resume for their potential employer(s) or current employer(s). There are many compelling reasons to create a college resume, but the number one reason is to be employable! A college resume is typically a short snapshot of an individual or recent high school academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, work history, community involvement, leadership abilities, and personal hobbies/interests.

college resume

Your high school career is just the first of many achievements that you should showcase on your college resume. Your accomplishments are just the beginning, however. During your junior and senior years, you will most likely be involved in numerous clubs, organizations, honor societies, or activities. Some of these activities could include special projects, church trips, drama clubs, or even debate clubs. All of these activities and organizations are important to highlight on your resume, especially if you have taken any special studies or honors courses during your junior and senior year of high school.

After you have listed your extracurricular activities, and community participation, you should focus on highlighting your soft skills. This part of your college resume should not only highlight your academic achievements; soft skills are just as important. Highlight your soft skills by listing your favorite sports or pastimes, your unique sense of humor, or your strong sense of responsibility. Strongly emphasize your positive traits, such as your enthusiasm for learning, your commitment to fair treatment and equal opportunity for all, and your strong leadership qualities.

When creating college resumes for purposes of receiving a federal grant or scholarship, it is important to make sure that you highlight your accomplishments in your freshman year. For instance, if you were a member of the debate team your freshman year, you should definitely use this information on your resume. If you were outstanding in your academic pursuits, perhaps you were a straight A’s student, or perhaps you played tennis, football, or volleyball. There are many ways to highlight your abilities on your college resumes. In particular, make sure that you put down anything that demonstrates your self-motivation, determination, teamwork, or leadership qualities.

For example, one of the best examples of highlighting your high school leadership skills is to list instances where you participated in extra-curricular activities. You can even list these things on your college resume as a way to demonstrate your commitment to community service or your love of volunteering. Just be sure to keep your words concise and to the point.

Another effective example of highlighting your soft skills is to list any special studies that you took. Usually, it is fairly easy to convince admissions officers that you are well prepared for college-level courses without having to mention all of your extracurricular activities, however. Listing some of your achievements in a field such as biology or chemistry could help your chances of being accepted into the university. Make sure, though, that you emphasize your commitment to these activities above anything else. The admissions committee might think that you are a great athlete or just another average student but mentioning these things will impress them that you are serious about getting an education.

Another good example of highlighting your academic abilities is to list your undergraduate GPA (grade point average) on your college resume. Your chances of being admitted into the university will depend greatly on how high your GPA was when you were in college. High GPA is usually given greater weight than class rank and GPA combined. In the admissions process, your high GPA will show your professors that you have a high interest in your classes and that you have the discipline to strive for high grades.

When writing your college resume, make sure to not only highlight your academic achievements, but also any other special achievements that you may have had during your time at college. You can usually find this information listed on your transcript if you took the General Education Development class, which is required for all incoming Freshman students. Some professors may not list this information, so make sure to ask them what achievements you should use. One area where you can really make an impression is with your volunteer work. Not only does this show your character and ambition, but it will also show your potential professors that you care about the world of academe and that you were willing to put in the hours to get an education. As mentioned earlier, your professors will be the ones who tell if you are worthy of their time, so make sure to take the time to impress them with your volunteering.