Writing a college resume is no different than writing a resume for any other position. The only difference is that you are going to be applying to a specific field instead of to every job in the city. Each college is going to have their own set of unique qualifications that makes them unique. In order to stand out from the rest, you need to take the time to include those specific qualifications on your resume. Here are a few tips for writing that perfect college resume.

college resume

You want to start with your education. On a college student resume, you will want to list all of your schools, the dates you attended and any awards you may have received throughout your academic career. Highlight any special accomplishments or honors that you may have received during your years at school. This is an important part of building a quality college resume. You want to show potential employers that you are a quality individual. Listing your high school education first will give employers a better idea of who you are as a person and will make them feel more comfortable with inviting you to work for their company.

Once you have your education, you want to begin listing your high school experiences. Most companies hire people based off of their experiences. Use action verbs to describe the achievements you had during your college career, and use the past tense to denote that it was in the present.

List all of the leadership positions you held during your time at college. It is common for employers to list leadership positions before the skills section. This is because the skills listed first help to outline your career, while the leadership positions are listed in order of relevance. College students should always list their leadership positions first on their college resume, even if they never pursued any of those particular positions.

Work your way down the resume. You should always work your way from the top of the resume to the bottom. You should not divide up resumes based on who is listed at the top or bottom. You should always start with your most recent college degree or certification as the focus of your resume. Your accomplishments at this point will be directly related to what you can do for an employer. Include any college scholarships you have ever been awarded, professional degrees you hold such as your M.B.A. listed first, and any other professional skills you have.

There are a number of college resume templates that can be used to create your college resume. When you choose to use a template, make sure that the template addresses the typical gaps in your experience that you face. Most college applications ask for at least two years of employment, and you want to be able to list those years on your college resume. College applicants who try to save time by using a generic template may end up overlooking some of the more important gaps in their history. Using a college resume template helps you address these gaps quickly and easily.

The final section of your college resume should focus on the years of work experience you have already gathered. Usually the first paragraph of this section will give students a brief overview of what you did during your high school years. Some examples of topics you could discuss in this section include your GPA in college, test scores, and any extracurricular activities you completed. You don’t have to detail every single job you held but do note any part-time work experience you have listed.

The skills section of your college resume should have your highest rated skills listed at the top. Highlight your skills in the bullet points that follow your name, including relevant keywords as they pertain to your chosen field of study. List your highest education first, then your highest paid position, followed by additional skill sets you gained throughout the years.