Career coaching is a kind of personal support-giving and guidance given by professional career coaches to their clients, usually to assist the clients in the process of work change and growth, learning and living through life transitions. Career coaching is a kind of personalized career planning and management that addresses the specific needs and concerns of clients and allows for better understanding and effective management of career goals, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. It helps people identify their own individuality, values, personality type, personality style and communication style. It also involves training and practice of skills such as self-confidence, goal setting, leadership, goal attainment and assertiveness, among others. These skills are important to attain career objectives.

career coach

A career coach can help you in your career planning activities. A lot of us are busy with our personal lives and at times do not find time to really sit down and plan out our future. They are the people who can really help you achieve your career goals by giving sound career advice and resume building strategies.

What exactly does a good career coach do? A good coach helps you identify your career objectives, gives you realistic actionable step by step action plans, and gives you skills and guides on how to create that actionable step by step plan that will be a catalyst to get you to your career objective. The first step in any career change is to define or determine your ideal career. A career coach will design an individual career plan suited to you and your current skill set. They will help you choose the right career field for you.

After you have identified your career objectives, next the coach will help you identify your potential and your weaknesses. There are often two types of weaknesses: personal weaknesses and career weaknesses. Personal weaknesses refer to factors in your personality or character that may not be related to the job. For example, if you lack confidence, your career coaching might focus on getting you aware of that weakness and working to overcome it. On the other hand, career weaknesses are usually problems you have at work. These can include organizational skills or communication issues.

Next, the coach will help you create effective resumes. Resumes are essentially a marketing tool. A resume is a snapshot of you as a professional. A resume must catch the hiring manager’s attention. Resumes should not only include information about you, but they should also highlight your strengths, target your weaknesses, and draw attention to your unique qualities. In order to do this effectively, a career coach will coach you through the process of creating an effective resume.

Finally, the coach will help you through the application process. In this final stage, the coach will coach you through the application process, helping you build a strong application package that will help you get hired. In this final step, I encourage you to consider outsourcing some of the tasks involved in your application. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your resume and application, consider hiring a consultant for your next career step.

Hiring a consultant may be your best option when it comes to finding employment for yourself. When you hire a career coach, you focus your attention on your true strengths and aligning your goals with those strengths. The resulting strategy can include strategic planning, new career goals, and even future planning.

So, what can a career coach do for you? If you are feeling stuck with your current career, or unsure about your next level of employment, consider seeking professional help. With the assistance of a professional advisor, you can focus on your professional goals and connect them with your skills, talents, and passions. You can increase your employability by implementing a comprehensive plan that includes strategic planning, resume writing, and application development. You can develop new skill sets that will enhance your employability. You can connect your professional goals with your passions and turn your career into an exciting adventure and a rewarding career path.