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First Job Tips – How to Land That First Job

A recent survey showed that 71% of recent graduates stay in their first job for more than a year. Despite the fast-paced churn, your first job out of college is still one of the biggest important decisions you’ll make. It can help guide you into your next career and can provide opportunities to take risks, ask questions, and learn while you’re getting paid. Here are some first job tips to ensure that first job is a successful one.

Consider Your Career The first job tips to consider is that first jobs should involve fields and types of employers that are likely to hire you. If you’re a college student fresh out of college and looking for an entry-level position, consider a career in healthcare or teaching. These are two fields that experienced employees frequent on a daily basis, which means that you’ll have a leg up on other recent graduates. The research conducted by a recent survey revealed that healthcare and teaching are the top choices among first job seekers.

Your First Job Tips for Time Management If time management is an issue in your first job, consider taking a time management course or learning time management software. Both can give you tips for staying organized, which will benefit you when it comes to your first job. You might also look into taking an online course in time management.

Do Your Homework If you’ve completed a project or several projects in the past, put them in a notebook for reference later. This will save you time in your first job search, as well as give you more ideas about what positions you’re interested in. Another great first tip is to always finish what you start. You won’t get the job done the first time if you don’t commit to doing your homework.

Keep Your Prior Work Accomplishments handy! Whether you’re looking for employment at your current job or planning to start a new job search, keep a list of your accomplishments. If you have references, highlight them. If not, you can either work to prove your worth or convince someone that you’re worthy of their attention. A great work history is a key to getting that dream job!

Apply Yourself: While every employer loves to see a hard-working employee, some do not. Don’t think you have to beat the odds to get an interview. Always show up for work with a positive attitude and eager to please. Even if you think that you have no chance to land that first job, be sure to submit a well-written resume and cover letter.

Stay Clean: No shampoos, body washes, or sweatpants should be worn to an interview. Instead, prepare to arrive at work in clean clothes. Present yourself in the best possible light. Even if it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned your teeth, chances are good that the prospective employer has noticed something that you can’t have done in the past.

These first job tips are meant to help those who have just finally landed their first job. They can assist in getting your first job by giving you advice on how to present yourself. Following these tips can ensure that you land that job as soon as possible.

Apply for the First Job You Get: The most important of first job tips is to apply for the first job you get. This means having an idea of what you want in your new career. Know exactly what skills and qualifications you wish to possess, and what you would like to do. Without applying for the first job you get, you will never know whether or not it will be an excellent choice for you.

Do Your Homework: Write down everything you need to know about the prospective employer on paper. This includes any information that you feel is relevant to the job. Then, you can use this information while answering any questions the employer may have. A thorough application will not only make your chances of landing the job greater, but will also make you appear more qualified.

If you follow these first job tips, then you are much more likely to land the job that you’re looking for. There is nothing worse than finding a great job, only to be told months later that you don’t qualify for it because you don’t fill out the required paperwork properly. These are just a few suggestions, though, so if you feel you need some more help, do some more research online or ask someone who has previously worked in your field of interest.