The first job that you hold is undoubtedly special. Even if it is the worst job of all, it still makes a certain special place in your heart and leads very much towards career progress. This is mainly because your first job represents your first real step into a world of equality, opportunity and freedom. In fact, people usually say this is the most important point to a successful career. That is because your first job to act as an established base for all learning about work ethics and other aspects later on. Thus, it is very necessary to take up such a job.

first job tips

The first job tips that you can follow are very much applicable to entry-level jobs. For instance, working in an office is considered to be one of the least desirable positions there are. That is because the basic requirement of an office job is to have a straight and neat appearance. The recent study revealed that almost 95% of the population around the world do not follow the casual dress code. This means that even if you are a person with the best qualification, if you are dressed in casual attire you are likely to be passed over.

So, here are some of the best first job tips for you. First, the latest trends reveal that formal attire actually boosts the chances of you getting promoted or hired on the grounds that employers prefer formal over informal attire. The recent study reveals that those companies that favor formal over informal wear hire more experienced employees. In addition to that, the employers prefer applicants who dress in a business-like manner. The study further revealed that applicants who dress in a business-like manner are perceived as more professional than applicants who wore casual clothes. Therefore, it is necessary that you should wear formal every time you apply for a job.

Second, keep your hair tied up when applying for a job so that your hair can be seen by your prospective employer. According to the latest fashion tips, you should keep your hair tied up for at least 2 hours before you submit your resume or for any interview. That is one of the most important first job tips for you. Moreover, according to the latest fashion tips you should use a simple ring on your fingers. That is because a plain band can make you seem too casual.

Third, use appropriate manners when speaking on the phone during job interviews. As per the latest job tips, do not speak loudly on the phone and do not talk about the position during this call. The reason behind this recommendation is that it could create a negative impression on the interviewer when you answer the phone later.

Fourth, use appropriate words and phrases when writing your resume and job application. According to the latest fashion tips, you should avoid using technical terms if possible. In addition, when applying for jobs in big companies, it is not essential to write your e-mail address on your resume. In fact, you can simply type it on the cover letter of the mail application. Moreover, avoid using the word ‘free’ when you are applying for a part time job. This is because the employer will think that you are a freebie hunter and he will not offer you a job.

Fifth, do not waste your time with freebies when applying for a job. According to the latest fashion tips, you should not waste your time with companies that give away chocolates, t-shirts, jeans etc for free. You should keep in mind that these freebies will only be enjoyed by the company’s senior management. Therefore, it will be a waste of time if you fill up your application form with these types of items.

Finally, follow the basic rules of job hunting. You should remember that you will have to face many rejections while trying to find a job. Therefore, it will be wise on your part to gather relevant information from various sources such as friends, newspapers, internet etc. This will surely help you to find a suitable job.