career services

Helping Students With a Resume

Career services can assist you in the step by step process of making your career a reality and figuring out exactly what you wish to do. If you are unsure what you wish to pursue after high school, career services may begin by assisting you decide how best to apply your interests and talents in the professional world. Career services can provide individuals with a variety of choices that can help them turn a passion into a successful career. Whether you desire a career in business or education, there are career services that can assist you with each.

One of the ways career services can assist you is by assisting you with the transition from your high school career to a college program. When you enter college, you are often overwhelmed by all the changes that take place both on and off campus. Career services can make transition plans that will ease your transition to college life. They can also refer you to and interview potential employers for you.

Another way that career services can help you is by providing information and resources for the 80 percent of college students who do not make it through four years without a major, while still retaining their eligibility to remain eligible for financial aid. Many students who join thousands of other graduates in financial trouble do not know where to turn. In addition to the free financial aid information that they can provide, career services can also refer you to local organizations and resources that can provide you with additional guidance in your search for loans and financial aid. Financial aid can alleviate some of the stress that is associated with attending college and can help to make college affordable for many students.

As you begin your search for a new profession, career services can help students explore career goals, along with various training and certifications that can help prepare you for a successful new career. You will be able to explore your strengths and interests and determine what your needs are. This will save you time and money as you seek to find a new vocation. Many students work well in career services departments because they are extremely knowledgeable and eager to assist you. Many career services officers also have connections to employers, which can greatly improve your chances of finding employment.

Career services officers often lead networking committees and they can help you connect with various employers. Networking is the key to being able to secure employment after graduation. Your career services officer can show you how to arrange for an interview with potential employers, and can offer assistance with securing an internship during your freshman year. Networking can also help you secure an internship on campus or in the local community. Once you have been selected for an internship, you will be responsible for finding transportation to and from the internship and for keeping your internship contract.

Career services officers can also help you secure student or internship programs that will allow you to connect with employers upon graduation and after graduation. These programs usually have strict guidelines for participation, and if you do not follow the program guidelines, you may find that you cannot continue in the internship. Some of the career services office can even assist you with finding companies that offer part-time internships, which can give you additional experience while you work towards an internship elsewhere. Student or internship programs can be especially useful for recent high school graduates who want to gain experience for a summer internship.

The career services office will usually direct you to various networking opportunities as well. If there are no solid connections that you can make within your community, your service officer can usually help you connect with potential employers outside of your area. Many alumni groups, such as the alumni network for your undergraduate college, can be a good source for finding potential employers. Your service officer can also get you connected with national and international employers through various networks. Once you have a network established, you should use it to your advantage and begin trying to secure interviews and job offers. You can usually apply for jobs at local businesses as well, although it may take a bit more effort as most companies prefer to hire graduates from within the city.

Another way to get involved in your university career services office is by making recommendations for students who need help with their resumes. You can do this by telling the career development representative that you were pleased with your interview, but would like to see some other examples of your work. Many times the representative will be willing to let you know that they have no preference for applicants who submit their resumes only to the graduate recruitment service. You can provide the name of your school at this point and ask them if they have any similar programs for incoming graduates. This can be a good way for you to get a recommendation on your application, and it can also be a way for you to get a few interview questions answered before sending in your resume.