Writing a high school resume is not all that different from writing any other type of resume. To write one you need to have some information about yourself gathered first. Why? In order to build your high school resume you need to showcase what you are good at. This will help the employer to see that you have a workable skills. It’s important to have a well thought out skills and that is what you will find on this guide.

high school resume

So, where do you start? Your high school education will be very important to this process. Include things like the subjects you liked best in your high school. Some examples might include math or science. These will make your high school resume look more professional and it will get your foot in the door after you graduate from college.

Now that you have your high school you need to gather some other pieces of information. In particular you want to have your transcript from your high school. If you attended any college or university during the years you were in high school you should also have a copy of your transcript. These records are very important for your resume. Employers look at these things a lot and if they are missing anything from your record it can hurt you.

After you have the necessary documents you need to put together a high school resume that will give an accurate portrayal of who you are. High school is a stage in life and you want to give a good impression of yourself. You want your high school resume to reflect who you are. Start this process by finding some old high school pictures of yourself. This is not necessary but I strongly suggest it.

In addition to the picture I’m sure you have pictures of yourself in high school. Again I’m not talking about older pictures. Include recent pictures too. Keep in mind you don’t have to start from the beginning. Start with your high school years and go through them chronologically.

High school achievements are also an important part of your resume. Include all of the honors you received such as honors speeches or honors essay. High school sports accomplishments are another category. Include any team or competition you were a part of and any awards you may have won.

Don’t forget to include your GPA in your high school records. Most employers only accept a candidate who has a 3.0 GPA. High school education plays a big part in the job market. Most likely many of the jobs available require education degree or higher. Make sure you include your education degree on your resume.

With this information it’s time to make your resume. Your resume is your first contact with an employer. By giving an employer your best foot forward, you increase your chances of getting that call. Make sure your high school education is covered in your resume.

High school research can be found online. Spend some time doing research and you will find an abundance of information. With all this information, it’s easy to find the right information to include in your high school record. Don’t leave anything out. Remember your experience in high school is very important.

You may want to make an eye out for scholarships and grants available during the year you are in high school. Look for these grants and scholarships. You can apply for multiple grants so you are certain to get the money you need.

A resume and cover letter are the beginning and the end of your high school career. Use your resume and cover letter to showcase what you can offer the company. High school is a hard time in a young person’s life. It’s an important time in their life, however there are plenty of opportunities. Learn from all that you have experienced and make a high school resume and cover letter that will showcase your skills.

You can make a difference when you have a stellar high school resume and a covering letter. This will bring you the attention you deserve. Get that interview and take advantage of all the things that will help you get an edge. It can be difficult to break into the world of higher education for students without a high school career.