If you are preparing to submit your high school resume to an admissions officer, here’s a quick pro tip that can help. Most every admissions officer will review your application in great detail. In fact, they will review it for any of a number of reasons. It is important that the content on your resume matches what is being reviewed in the context of your application so that you stand out from the crowd.

high school resume

First, let’s talk about college application. When you go in to submit a high school resume, your goal should be to convince the admissions officer that you are the right person for the job. This is why your resume should focus on your accomplishments and not just your personal characteristics. Too often, people focus on including their “unique selling point” – their unique educational, athletic, or scholastic background. While this can add some excitement to your resume (especially if you have a strong college career story), the focus of your resume should be on outlining your abilities and accomplishments.

To get started, you should highlight all of your academic and athletic accomplishments. Highlight also your work ethic. This is the aspect of your high school resume that makes it most compelling to the college admissions officer. You want the college to take you seriously. High school football player, an All-American basketball forward, etc. – the list goes on.

High school resume skills are best developed while you are still in high school. One important point to remember when writing your high school resume is to write with action words – “I did this”, “I did that”, “properly done this…” Keep the “I” short and to the point. If you use the “I” too long or use it in a way that sounds as if you are repeating yourself, you will lose its powerful action word edge. The secret is to find a short phrase or two that brings your accomplishments to the forefront. You do not have to use every single one of your accomplishments, but remember to make sure there are a few action words at the end of your high school resume to reinforce the idea of your work ethic.

One tool that can help you remember your specific career accomplishments is to use a high school student resume builder. A resume builder is software that takes your basic information (name, address, date of birth, etc.) and puts it into the format required for your high school student resume. Using a resume builder also gives you a great chance to customize your resume by changing the fonts, the layout, the font color, and more. You can even put your picture in the font!

Another important feature of your high school resume is the education section. While many students choose to only list their highest education degree, which is great, this isn’t necessarily the best practice. In college applications, your education section is where you need to put a little extra information that will shine through when people are looking over your application. High school education section should have a listing of classes that you attended, as well as any certifications that you may have earned. When you are creating your own high school education section, keep in mind that some colleges and employers may require a secondary standard (like AP courses) that you did not earn, so be sure to list these as well.

You can also include examples of your work experience on your high school application resume template. This is important, as it shows potential employers what kind of job you have done throughout your academic career and beyond. Some examples to use may be some school work that you have taken, some professional experience that you have had, or even something that you are passionate about and have accomplished through your work. You can show these examples throughout your resume, which will give you an extra boost when you are writing your college application resume.

Finally, some examples of high school resume samples are going to be very professional in appearance, with nice font types and layouts. These samples are usually created by professional resume writers, and they give you a good idea of how to format your own resume. This can be used as a general guide for making your own resume as well – though it is best to create your own if you are going to be applying for a job that is not typical for high school students. These samples are also a great way to get a feel for what you would be like when you enter the college environment. Use them to gain a better understanding of how the admissions process works, and what kind of information is considered by colleges.