A high school resume outlines your personal characteristics, accomplishments, and skills, and is definitely not only for high school seniors applying for jobs outside their community. Many high school students are seeking scholarships, internships, entry-level positions, and a career in the medical field. Your high school resume is a vital marketing tool to use to get your foot in the door of that many wonderful opportunities waiting for you! High school graduates can expect to have countless phone calls, letters, and phone interviews to determine whether they will be the right fit for a given position.

high school resume

As a high school student, you’ve achieved many academic goals, acquired many professional skills, and made valuable contacts throughout the course of your education. You have many professional experiences that could translate into high demand in the medical and legal fields. You have also developed many of the life skills that are necessary to succeed in a college or university environment. And you’ve done all this while being involved in many extracurricular, including drama, sports, debate, music, science, foreign language, home science, social studies, physical education, art, computer skills, foreign languages, debate, religion, dance, and many other extracurricular activities.

You’ll need to take time to list your academic and extracurricular accomplishments on your high school resume. In particular, list all of the awards and honors you’ve earned, including honors such as honors certificates from both school and community colleges. Honors can go beyond just grades: honor certificates indicate your leadership qualities and academic achievement. Many employers look for candidates with multiple awards and degrees. These types of employers will also consider letters of recommendation and letters of recommendations from teachers or coaches, if you have these.

When you prepare your high school resume, keep in mind what type of career you want to pursue after graduation. If you’re looking for a vocational role, list all of your high school accomplishments for that field. If you’re applying for college entry, consider taking one of the AP courses you may be eligible for, even if you didn’t earn your GPA in that class. Colleges and universities often have specific scholarship requirements, so be sure to check these out before writing your resume.

List all of your colleges and universities in order of preference. Highlight programs that you were enrolled in, such as honors courses or CLEP exams. Also include any extra subjects you attended, such as business studies, English, math, or psychology. You should include your high school objectives in your objective statement. Your objective statement is the initial part of your high school resume. Your objective statement should be specific to a specific job objective – whether it’s going to apply to a job in academia or administration, or something else.

List your major as well as your GPA in your high school resume. High school topics that may apply to your future position should be included here, as well as general information about your abilities and experiences. For example, mention your scores on standardized tests (SAT or ACT) and indicate which courses you took to get your grades in order. High school counselors can provide more detailed information about your courses and your GPA, but the summary statement above gives you enough information to get by. Contact information for your teachers should also be included here.

Your online profile should be complete, including social media accounts. In particular, include links to any online community or groups you belong to. Social media outlets such as Facebook and MySpace are great places to introduce yourself and discuss details of your application. In particular, indicate details about your achievements on Facebook and any clubs you may be involved with online. Mentioning your involvement with social media gives potential employers an idea of your personality, which is always important.

The college or university you wish to attend should also be mentioned in your high school resume. Your curriculum vitae should give a clear picture of the kind of education you received and what you plan to study. If you have previously attended college or university, use it to showcase your accomplishments. Finally, highlight any scholarship programs, honor papers, or achievements you may have received during your time at college or university.