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High School Resume

If you’re a high school student and you’re planning to go back to school, making a high school resume may be one of your key choices. Most high school students will have some sort of career goals after graduation. Whether it’s a new beginning or a change of focus, high school students should consider creating a high school resume as part of their college preparation. Here are some tips for high school students who plan to create a high school resume.

High school students should always remember that employers look at more than just your academics. They’ll also consider your work ethic and character, as well. In fact, your work ethic and character will probably be more important to them than your grades might be. Therefore, it’s crucial to include a high school resume that includes a clear description of your work ethic and character. This will allow them to see how you can best represent yourself.

High school students should take the same kind of importance to the content of their resumes as they do to their academics. Employers expect students to list relevant work experience, but they’ll also likely look for non-academic achievements. Unfortunately, there’s really no universal standard on what constitutes non-academic work experience. However, make sure to include at least three years of paid work experience (preferably more) on your resume.

To simplify matters somewhat, list academic years even if you never took any college courses in high school. The reasoning behind this is that employers typically list only the highest rated courses. You may still qualify for the job based on your performance in high school, but it might not be a good enough factor. Similarly, listing activities or volunteer work in your curriculum vitae is an acceptable alternative to including only study in high school.

High school graduates should list all relevant work experience, even the short stints that didn’t result in employment. At the very least, you should provide references that are still in touch with you. Employers appreciate honest work experience. If you worked as a kid in daycare or summer camp, be sure to provide this, too. If you were active in a church youth group or other club, put that on your resume, as well.

A strong high school education is a key element to getting the interview, but it’s not the only thing that potential employers are looking for. Many employers also want to know that you have what it takes to get along with others in a work environment. So don’t discount this important aspect of your resume. List any special skills or accomplishments that demonstrate you’re a great fit for the position.

Finally, don’t assume that a college career will automatically translate into a high paying and satisfying career. While you may have had a fantastic high school education, that doesn’t mean you have the credentials to get a good job right out of college. There are many different types of careers, after all, and each requires different educational requirements. Do some serious research on the types of careers you’re interested in and then gather the information that you need to create a high school resume that will get you the interview.

As was mentioned above, a high school resume should list all your related work experience and education, but keep in mind that it’s not the only thing employers look for. They also want to see that you’ve got a good attitude. Even if you went to a good college and got an excellent education, employers recognize that everyone has attitude problems and you need to show them that you’re a happy, positive, outgoing person. Keep your resume short and to the point; don’t fill it with lots of unnecessary information. High school guidance will be able to help you create a high school resume that will help you get noticed and get the interview.