The College Board and CareerBuilder Network have teamed up to make Roadtrip Nation, an outstanding online resource to help recent high school graduates find their dream careers. The two companies have made their partnership work to provide consumers with the latest information, tools, and career advice. Both are committed to helping consumers discover the best way to prepare for their new careers. They have come together to share their experiences as the best way to choose a career path, from choosing the major, to selecting the method of study, to choosing a college and much more. Road Trip Nation is designed for teenagers, young adults, moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, administrators, special education professionals, job seekers, and others in need of information on how to start their new journey in life.

Starting a new career can be a daunting task. One of the best ways to overcome that fear, is to consult an online career finder that offers the best match for your skills, dreams, and career aptitude. Road Trip Nation is one such company that matches a potential student of choice with a free, one-on-one career mentor. Road Trip reviews that evaluate several career finder tools, such as:

Each of the tools in Road Trip Nation’s career finder will give you information that directly relates to a particular career field. An example is the personality test that they offer. You will be asked questions about your interests, skills, behaviors, work habits, academic interests, and other aspects of your personality. These tests will not only determine if you have the right personality for a specific career, but they will also direct you to resources that will help you find employment with that career. Your personality test is an online tool that helps you locate a career builder, a professional who can show you the way to success in that area.

The other online tool in Road Trip Nation’s career finder is their skills profiler tool. When you login, you will be asked to complete a skills profile. This profile will include things about your educational background, work experience, hobbies, interests, personal attributes, skills, and so on. The skills profile will then provide you with lists of careers matching your preferences, interests, skills, behaviors, and other details. You will then be shown careers that match the things you’ve listed.

Some of the top career finder tools on the internet will not just direct you to the websites of employers looking for workers, but will also help you create a career change or pursue additional degrees. This includes programs such as Dual Degree Online. As an associate, bachelor, or master of business, this program will get you hands-on training and resources that will prepare you for the business world. If you feel stuck in one career but are ready for a change, you can use Dual Degree Online to complete a double degree in business and education. It is important to keep in mind that it is usually not recommended to take courses in more than one program at a time.

Another useful tool of career finder services is career pathfinder programs. These programs are not career finder tools per se, but they can help you make a decision about the type of career you want. Some of these programs will give you lists of various careers, while others will simply point you to websites of employers who may be looking for workers. Depending on what type of career pathfinder program you choose to use, you will be able to find both traditional and nontraditional workplaces. The programs can also help you determine what kind of career path you would like to take.

When you log on to the career progression website, you can look up keywords such as “careers available” and “online employment.” From there, you can search the categories that match your criteria. Some examples of categories include accounting, IT, healthcare, human resources, marketing, political science, retail management, technology, hospitality, and much more. You can then browse through the list and see which industries match your ideal career path, or which industries seem best suited to your interests. Most career pathfinder tools offer information on their lists of industries that match what you’re looking for.

Regardless of which career finder tools you choose to use, it is important to explore all your options before making a final decision on the career path you would like to follow. Take some time to learn about all the options available to you. Learn about the industries, geographic locations, and pay levels in each area. It will be well worth it when you know that you have already taken the first step on the road to success.