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How Can I Benefit From Career Services?

Career Services can help you jump start your career. If you are not sure what direction you wish to go in, career services can help you determine what you like to do and how you can use your talents and skills in the professional world. With a career service in your corner, you can look at your interests and talents and determine what you would like to do in your career. Many times there is a field that you would be thrilled to be involved with and you just need someone to let you know what opportunities are available for you.

One way to use career services is to write your career plan. You may have dreams of a great career in teaching, movies or computers, but your dream life may involve something totally different from what you are pursuing now. A career planning skills consultation with a career services counselor can help you map out a path to a successful career. Your counselor can make suggestions about career planning for you based on your interests and skills.

Career services can also be useful when you are ready to enter professional organizations such as the American Association of State and County Officials (AASCO) or the National Association of Schools Admissions Counselors (NASAC). These professional organizations can be a wonderful place to gain experience for the CPA exam. Students can take the exam once they have earned their first professional license. Career services professionals can also work with students who are preparing for NASAC and other national exams for their future careers.

Career services can also be helpful when you are preparing for an internship. Students often have internship applications and resumes ready to send to various companies. Unfortunately, there are many students who do not send in their application because they are unsure if they will even be accepted. They may even assume that their resume will be thrown into the circular file along with their internship applications. A career services professional can help the student to craft a professional resume and cover letter so that it is not thrown into the trash can.

Students can also explore career services and employment opportunities after graduation by applying for paid internships or part-time jobs at local colleges or universities. Students can use these internships to get experience working with college or university personnel and to learn the basics of being employed in a new environment. An intern will not guarantee employment but it will allow students to build their references and develop a network of people they might meet in the future. When students apply for full time jobs, they may have to settle for lesser positions than what they would have obtained from an internship at the college or university they are applying to.

Students can also use career services when they are applying for university advancement. Many employers prefer to hire graduates who have taken classes and worked at the university. Students can show employers that they have industry contacts and can use these contacts to help them land higher paying positions in the future. This is a good way for students to network with alumni and former employers, while going through the university’s career development programs.

Employment options after graduation are not limited to the campus that the graduate school is located in. The internet has made it easier for graduates to find and apply for jobs all over the country. Job hunters can visit career services websites and apply for jobs in cities across the country that they have visited. Students can also search for jobs on company websites that post information about new graduates.

Graduates can use career services to take advantage of this wide ranging workforce. There are many different positions available for students to explore. A career development professional can assist a graduate with career planning. If a graduate wants to work on a clinical trial or research facility, they will need to research which positions exist in their area and apply for those positions accordingly. A career services professional can help a graduate make sense of their career options and connect them to the right company and the right opportunity.