Some high schools and other scholarship committees require or recommend that you submit a high school resume along with your application documents. (But do not submit a high school resume alone if they do not ask for one – that is a top application strategy.) Give copies to your high school counselor and school administrators so they can write you the most convincing recommendation letter ever. This letter can be your ticket to getting into the university of your choice.

high school resume

Most high school students would never think about including a social media profile in their resume. However, this is an excellent tool for highlighting your career achievements. A recent study showed that almost half (47.5%) of hiring managers considered social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter when it came to evaluating job candidates. For high school students, this represents a golden opportunity to use social media marketing to help land an interview with one of the many colleges out there.

High school students who are serious about increasing their chances of getting hired should consider including at least one social media profile on their high school resume template. Make sure your high school student resume format includes space for at least one page bio. Many hiring managers like to see a timeline of your accomplishments – a chronological resume format works best. Include all your relevant work experience, whether you held down any specific job title or not. High school students should not put off putting in any references because they think it will take too long to do so.

Another high school resume tip is to include your career objective in your high school resume as well as a bullet list of all your qualifications. As you complete your high school education, always prioritize your career goals and apply to classes that would help you reach your career objectives. A career goal should be at the top of your high school resume objective since it’s an important feature that will show your hiring manager that you are focused on your goals.

The next thing to do is to organize your resume in a logical manner. High school students who want to boost their resumes‘ visibility and rankings will want to start their education section, which includes information on subjects such as your four-year GPA, AP courses, and honors and awards you have received. After that, you should place all your relevant work experience (skills, education, and life experiences) in a separate bullet points that are ordered from easiest to most difficult. High school students who are serious about increasing their chances of getting hired should create a clear progression from start to finish in their resume. It’s a good idea to make a rough draft before completing the entire resume so you can track any changes that might need to be made.

The last part to the high school students resume for employers is to list your extracurricular activities. Most employers hire people based on what they learned in school, so making sure that you have listed all of your extracurricular activities is important. Always list the activities that were most challenging, enjoyable, or academically stimulating for you, and always indicate which of these activities you completed as a group or with a friend. High school students who are serious about increasing their chances of getting hired should list their involvement in student organizations and clubs.

When writing a resume for high school students, another important feature to consider is your community service, if any. Some employers will ask for a specific amount of community service work experience before considering you for the job. Other opportunities may not require as much, and this could be an option for high school graduates who have more time available to complete the required work experience. You should use your best judgment here and take into account any hardships or difficulties you have faced while completing community service. If you have experienced hardship, be sure to mention it specifically on your resume.

There are a number of other career specific resume samples that will allow you to put your particular abilities and accomplishments into the right category for the job. Using these examples can save you time, as well as providing valuable insight into the best ways to approach your career and build a relevant, yet compelling resume. High school graduates can find great resume templates online and get a jump-start on the writing process. A few minutes spent exploring various sample resumes can save you weeks of frustration searching for a great job.