LinkedIn Job Search Tips suggest some very important steps to take advantage of the recent explosion in the number of resumes sent to LinkedIn. The first is to create a profile that focuses on the skills, experiences, and passions that are specific to your career goals. This means including details about your job search activities as well as those of the people you are hiring for the position you are targeting. It is also a good idea to add a news feed to your profile so that recruiters can get up to date information on job candidates.

The second step is to build your network of contacts. LinkedIn Job Search Tips suggest that companies that are interested in hiring should connect with at least ten people with whom they can share their interests and goals. You can do this by building LinkedIn Connect, which makes it easy to discover influential contacts and groups within your industry. LinkedIn Connect is extremely powerful for finding business relationships, particularly among influential and connected professionals. You should also join groups and communities on LinkedIn to find links to other business communities, get advice from other professionals, and to discover more about the opportunities and risks facing companies in your industry.

The third tip relates to the types of connections you create on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Job Search Tips suggests that some types of social media connections, such as creating and using connections on Twitter and connecting with others through email or instant messaging, may actually hurt you when it comes to landing the right type of job. In fact, LinkedIn data shows that there are many people who are disconnected from the many social networks that exist today. This means that when you connect with people outside of your immediate circle through these mediums, these individuals may not view your resume as highly relevant because of the lack of social context.

Finally, LinkedIn Job Search Tips suggest that you use the “eliads” feature on LinkedIn to improve your search results and target specific keywords. Aneliads is a new feature that allows you to add a custom headline or text to LinkedIn profiles so that your connections notice you more readily. In addition, LinkedIn Job Search Tips says that the key to optimizing your keywords is to choose your “eliad” carefully: select one with a powerful headline. When you create an profile using this method, your keywords will be shown beneath the headline. This can increase the number of searches you receive on LinkedIn for the keywords you chose, leading to better job opportunities.

These three LinkedIn Job Search Tips suggest that you should focus your efforts on joining as many groups as you can, connecting with as many people as possible, and creating profiles that include both strong and weak keywords. This approach will help you build relationships with individuals outside of your circle of business contacts while also increasing the likelihood that you will receive jobs you are truly suited for. For more information about finding a good job using these methods, as well as other ways to find a job, register for LinkedIn Job Search Tips, subscribe to our newsletter, and get started applying to 10 new jobs daily.

As LinkedIn Job Search Tips point out, it is important for job seekers to take time to upload their profiles and create professional profiles. Do not rush through these tasks: instead, devote at least three hours to upload your profile. Take the time to write a compelling headline, attach links to your most recent works, and add a personal brand to each of your profiles. You will want to take time to describe your skills in as much detail as possible. In addition, you will want to take time to update your profile weekly. By doing this, you will establish yourself as someone who takes time for their profiles and follows through on recommendations made by others.

According to LinkedIn Job Search Tips, when posting your profile on LinkedIn, keep in mind that your photo and cover letter are two of the most important features of a resume. According to the site, take time to research what types of photos and cover letters send the best impressions. For example, does the photo illustrate an individual’s best traits or is it simply something that says hester? Do not use large, expensive fonts or excessive type. Instead, try to use simple, small type, like Times New Roman or Arial.

Many people say they are happy with the results of their LinkedIn connections. However, many people also admit that there was room for improvement. Therefore, before you submit your resume to a client or prospective employer, take the time to consider what your LinkedIn profile says about you. If it does not reflect the image you want to present, then take the time to revise it.