Job Interview Tips: Research the employer (10 minutes) You have probably been interviewed before by a number of different companies. What do you know about this company? Why would you want to work for them? What can you bring to the company that will be valuable to them?

job interview tips

Some job interview tips are obvious and others less obvious. Preparation is one of the most important. We always hear about how it is important to ‘prepare’ for a job interview, but what does this mean? The employer may ask you a number of typical interview questions that you may well know the answer to, but what does that prepare you for? Answer preparedness is important because it gives you an opportunity to answer questions in your best behaviour and shows that you are prepared and up for the challenge.

Some other job interview tips are to make eye contact, to smile, to dress professionally (preferably in business suits), and to raise your hands and acknowledge everyone who enters the room. Many interviewers will look for signals that you are confident, organised and professional. An interviewer will also evaluate your posture, your facial expression, your voice and even the speed with which you speak, so being prepared is just as important as actually being qualified for the job!

Some job interview tips are about saying thank-you to everybody who attended the interview, even if they did not give their name. In an organisation everybody has something to contribute. When saying thank-you to someone else, it’s not always appropriate to say’Thank you Mr. or Mrs. John Smith’. The person whose name is on the card should be thanked for his or her time and the contribution they made.

Most people have encountered the immortal question ‘what do you do’. This can be one of the most common interview questions and one that can really test your personality. Here are some job interview tips to answer this question. First of all, think about the skills that you already possess. Then list all those skills in order of priority. Focus on what you can bring to the organisation or company if a vacancy opens up.

One of the most important job interview tips is to prepare ahead of time. If you have to give a job interview then you will have to prepare in advance. You should prepare for at least two weeks before the phone interview. It is very important to think through a list of questions that you would like to ask the hiring manager.

Most importantly, you should prepare a list of interview questions that you want to ask. Then break these down into categories. Ask yourself which questions relate to the job description and specifications. Most importantly make sure you prepare enough for the oral section. If you get 15 minutes early then it will give you enough time to get ready.

One final tip for job interviews is to smile. Most people become nervous when they don’t look or feel confident. Even if you don’t feel up to par for a particular job then don’t worry, most interviewers will notice this. Most employers are looking for someone who looks and sounds professional; if you show your teeth then you will come across as more serious and trustworthy.

When an interview goes well then you will receive a positive thank-you note. If not then you will need to work on that. One of the experts says that most people prepare for their thank-you note but forget to make sure they write it. To avoid a thank-you note disaster then you need to make sure you set it up correctly and mail it on time.

Another of the interview tips is that it is okay to prepare one to two mock interviews. You can do this by reading the job description and talking to the interviewer about the position. Then you can practice asking questions until you feel comfortable with it. Another expert suggests that you talk about how you can help the company by answering interview questions in the manner in which the interviewer would like you to. For example, if the interviewer wants you to answer questions based on your experience then you may mention this at the beginning of your answer.

Finally, when you are looking for job preparation you should consider the job description itself. This means knowing what you want to say and doing it. In addition, there are plenty of examples of job descriptions that can be found online. Once you have an idea about the job description then you can use this to prepare and better your chances of getting the job.