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Job Fair Tips – How to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Job fairs used to be quite a time consuming event filled with endless rows of people trying to secure an interview with a company they were interested in. But, things have changed. In fact, there are now hundreds of job fairs nationwide. The difference is that companies are competing for your business rather than just a meeting.

Virtual job fairs can be thought of as cyber job fairs. They are similar to online job posting web-sites, but instead of posting your resume on the site, you post it on the world wide web for the world to see. Nearly all have a very similar format, in which you select from a list of employers to contact to request an interview. When you enter, you receive a notice on your screen and a virtual representative will promptly greet you via a live chat function. You can respond to the chat or leave a message that will be forwarded to the real person who will actually get back to you.

Virtual job fair tips abound on the internet. Some are offered by employers, some by job seekers. But, here are some freebies that many job seekers find valuable. These may not always be what you may think.

First, many employers will encourage you to post your resume online for them to view. Why not? This is free advertising for them. It’s also highly effective, as they can use the information contained in your profile to learn more about you and what kind of position you’re looking for. If you don’t post your resume, employers know they can reach you through this method of getting in touch.

Second, many of the virtual job fair tips you’ll find talk about how prospective employees should ask questions. You can’t expect to have an interview at a company if they don’t ask you questions, right? So, it’s a good idea to be proactive when it comes to making sure you ask questions. A job fair provides a way for employers to meet potential candidates face-to-face. In that sense, it’s in their best interests to ensure you’re well qualified for the position.

Third, you may want to bring something along when you do attend a job fair. Why? Well, employers love it when you hand out business cards and invite them to your informational session. They also like it when you have your own phone number (even better if it is a hot cell phone). By having an answering machine at the event and having your contact information available (even though you may be just a contact name), you show that you are proactive in putting a face to a name and can take your word for it when you do answer questions during the interview process.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to be a little more flexible. While many job fairs strictly limit the number of interviews you can conduct, this doesn’t mean you can’t turn something in at that last minute. After all, most job seekers only get one shot at making an impression on a company and the only way they’ll get another chance is to impress employers during the job fair. So, when you do attend one, take advantage of the fact that many employers are working with limited time and resources and try to make the most of it.

Lastly, when you do get that big interview at the job fair, remember to be confident. That doesn’t mean you need to brag about your accomplishments or brag about your plans but remember that you need to present yourself as an employee who is approachable. Look professional but approachable and you’ll have an easier time doing interviews. You’ll also impress employers when they see you actually go through the process of applying for the job.