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Job Search Tips – How to Find Connections on LinkedIn

Here are 17 LinkedIn job search tips to help you get the best results. Be proactive. Too many people establish a profile on LinkedIn and wait for luck to knock on their doors, says Donna Serdula, an online marketing consultant and writer of LinkedIn Makeover: A Practical Guide for Building a Profitable Network Through LinkedIn. Many companies miss out on potentially qualified candidates by not taking advantage of LinkedIn as a marketing tool, she said. Don’t wait to take advantage of the powerful networking site.

Be consistent in your profile description. This is one of the linkedin job search tips that many people follow but don’t seem to put into practice. If you don’t have any keywords that would get picked up in a search, don’t put them in your profile description. You could end up having your page deleted without knowing it. Also, keep the description short and to the point, so that it is easy for viewers to read and doesn’t fill up too much time.

There are some LinkedIn job search tips that can be useful. For example, if you have a website or blog that you regularly update, you can leverage linkedin to increase your reach to current and potential employers. You can add your website link to the bottom of each of your posts, or even include it in your About Me section. You can also create a group for freelance writers, graphic designers or web developers and invite contacts to join. Then, when you start to post, request a response from other writers or website owners who can represent new opportunities or introduce you to other freelance talents. Using this tactic can create a network within your industry or among other writers in a similar field.

Another one of LinkedIn’s job search tips is that you can post as many profiles as you like. The more profiles you have, the more opportunities you will be able to see. The majority of companies have an interest in connecting with as many different types of people as possible, and so they look at the profiles of everyone who has an interest in the type of work they do.

In addition to being able to post as many profiles as you like, another great tip is to create a compelling headline for each profile. Your headline should be written in a way that entices the viewer to take action. A headline can include a number of different elements, including a few bullet points to break down your profile or business. You can use a few quotes, a nice call to action phrase or simply use a catchy keyword to get the attention of the viewer. As you write, keep in mind that your headline is one of the most important parts of your profile.

After creating the headline, it is necessary to create the body of your profile. This is where you write down everything you have to offer, including what kind of skills you have, what qualifications you have and so on. When writing, make sure that the content you use is professional, grammatically correct, and free from any errors. If you are using a third party recruiter, ask them to proofread the content before posting it, so that you can ensure that everything is accurate. Using a job search tool can help you find the best suited job for your specific needs, so make sure to check the reviews and information available.

The final piece of LinkedIn Job Search tips involves the use of linkedin contacts. People who know you and have previously worked with you will inevitably add you to their social networks, which will increase the reach of your job search efforts. You should also consider creating groups based on the specific areas you are looking for, or that you would like to see increased growth in.

With the number of people signing up for LinkedIn each day, it is impossible to say how many new connections could be created through these profiles. The best thing to do, however, is to reach out to as many people as possible and express interest in getting connected with them. If you reach out to these individuals, you also open up the possibility of connections that you wouldn’t otherwise receive as well. LinkedIn Job Search tips include the importance of being social when searching for new jobs and is creating profile spaces that allow others to easily access your profile information.