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Job Shadowing Tips – How to Make Yourself More Effective During a Shadowing Interview

There are lots of job shadowing tips floating around out there. Some are very good, some not so much. I’ve discovered that the best tips come from people who have actually been in the shoes of a job shadowing candidate. They know what it’s like to work and they can pass on some valuable knowledge about how to land the perfect job. Here are the top four job shadowing tips I could give you.

Don’t go around the office giving out your resume. While this is a great way to get shadowing job interview questions answered, it can be a bad idea in general. You may entice them to hire you by telling them about your former experiences, but then you turn in a lackluster job history. So keep it clean.

One of the most important job shadowing tips I can give you is to never bring a work resume to a shadowing interview. Don’t even take a phone call on it. Why? Because most likely they will not have time to read it. What they want to hear is how you can help their business. By having a blank work history, they can easily tell if you’re right for the job or not.

Another one of the top job shadowing tips I can give you is don’t try to impress them with a bunch of buzz words or fancy vocabulary. These people are going to read every word in your resume, so make sure you keep it simple and easy to understand. If you can do that, you’ll have no trouble passing with flying colors.

Another important job shadowing tips I can give you is don’t drink too much coffee or tea. Most people have a caffeine tolerance, so don’t be the first to start chugging a cup or two. Caffeine triggers your central nervous system and can greatly affect your judgment during a job shadowing interview. Also, don’t smoke. Both smoking and caffeine have been shown to affect your performance during a shadowing interview.

Try to be prepared and ready for an interview the night before. If you show up to a job shadowing interview unprepared, it won’t help you at all. You need to know what questions are going to be asked to make sure you have the facts about the company and the job ahead of time. If you don’t have any information to the best of your knowledge, you’ll only waste time speaking with a candidate who may not be the best choice for the job.

Now that you have the basic job shadowing tips, what are you going to do to improve your chances of having a great job shadowing interview? The first step is to be well prepared. Know the details about the company, the job, and the duties and responsibilities that are expected of you in the job shadowing position. You also need to make sure that you have all of the tools necessary for success in a job shadowing interview. Have your job-search tools and references on hand, and make sure that you practice your interview techniques beforehand.

The last of the job shadowing tips is to have fun during your job shadowing interview. If you’re having a hard time answering a question or coming across as professional, you will likely find it more difficult to handle real job interviews. If you’re having a good time during your job shadowing interview, you will surely come across as a confident professional when you have to speak with an actual interviewer. Your confidence will shine through in your interviewing and you’ll come across as the right candidate for the job.