LinkedIn Job Search Tips is an online tool that allows you to search for open jobs in specific industries. It is free to join and you will have many different options from which to choose. You can search by job type, industry, location, and even keywords. It’s not hard to navigate and you will be amazed at the number of jobs that are available. You can also apply for more than one position online.

linkedin job search tips

Use SEO on your LinkedIn profile to optimize your search results. Use keywords that many recruiters build around in the Job Search Tips columns. Participate in industry related groups in LinkedIn. Join industry specific Facebook groups to post pertinent information about your field to demonstrate that you are actively engaging in your field. Target specific Facebook ads to target a specific audience of potential employers for a specific industry to bring you even more leads.

Don’t use your Real Name as a cover letter or email address. Be sure to avoid using your real name as the username when signing up for LinkedIn. Don’t use your Employer’s Identification Number (EIN) or Business Identification Number (BIN) as contact information. If you must, do so but note that doing so may cause some LinkedIn Job Search Tips for hiring managers to overlook your resume. Also avoid using your real name as the firstname or lastname on a social networking profile such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Many people will check if you have a cover letter and/or email address when they are browsing profiles online, so make sure that the information on your profile and CV doesn’t make you appear too generic.

Stay away from profiles that ask for contact information. Even if they seem to be legitimate, don’t provide your personal email address as an option. These types of profiles are usually linked to real companies and should not be trusted. Also, avoid creating accounts with your real name as the username or e-mail address. If you are linked to a company account that asks for your personal information, report this immediately. This could constitute as linkedin job search tips for hiring managers to overlook your resume.

Avoid using your keywords as your username. There are a number of LinkedIn job search tips for recruiters that advise not using keywords as username. Some recruiters do not allow keywords to be used on a resume or application. As a result, you may have to learn how to incorporate keywords into your resume and cover letter. Use the names of your preferred keywords instead of your real name or e-mail address when creating profiles.

When looking for profiles on linkedin, avoid using graphics and clipart. Many of these items can be removed by the recruiter, so it makes sense not to include them on your profile. In addition, most recruiters look at profiles using keywords, so it may not make sense to add graphics unless you are wanting to add them to a few selected bullet points in your resume. You will be able to find many more tips for finding the perfect job on linkedin than you will on any other website. Using linkedin job search tips for finding a great position is just one of the ways you can go about searching for a job.

Do not use personal information when filling out the fields on linkedin profiles. Personal information should only be filled in if necessary and there are specific privacy settings that you should be aware of. If you have questions about the privacy settings, do not be afraid to ask. There are a number of great tutorial websites that will help you understand how to set the privacy settings on linkedin so that you don’t give any information away when you are searching for a job. The more you know about linkedin, the easier it will be to filter out resumes and make the best hiring decisions.

LinkedIn has become a popular tool for connecting with others in the business world because of its excellent search results and easy access to many people. While it is a great place to network, it does require some time and effort to find the perfect job. Many people don’t take advantage of the networking opportunities available through LinkedIn and never get the chance to meet the people they are most interested in. These linkedin job search tips will help you connect with the right people and make an excellent first impression!