Career Step is an accredited online university offering career-themed education designed specifically to aid students quickly enter the working workforce after graduation. Students are able to complete courses in subjects that range from general education to more specialized areas of interest. After graduation, students have ready access to extensive online job searching tools, including job search tools, informational interviews, job fairs, and networking opportunities. This is just a start! Students are also trained in strategic career planning as well as learning about self-employment.

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What does it take to work in the medical transcription industry? Those who graduate and enter this profession typically begin with an associate’s degree. Students must also pass a rigorous written entrance exam and complete a series of clinical practice trials in order to become certified. Students who successfully complete this program earn an associates degree in healthcare administration, which helps prepare them for their careers as health care transcriptionists. As healthcare professions rapidly become one of the most popular jobs in the country, more people than ever before are looking towards accredited online schools to further their education.

When I received a response made to me from Career Step, I was very surprised to find that they did not accept my application because I did not meet the criteria required for enrollment. At first, I was confused because I knew that their previous clients were quite successful in landing their “dream job.” However, upon further digging, I discovered that their requirements to enroll were too strict.

Before I delve into the matter, I want to make clear that I am in no way affiliated with Career Step or the American Association of Professional Coders. I’m writing this article for informational purposes only and have not had any contact with Career Step or its marketing partners. I did receive a free lesson plan in 2021, which I used to gear myself towards achieving career success in medical billing. Although the plan did not include a career step by step guide, it provided information and direction that I needed to succeed.

Upon further investigation, I found out that Career Step does not require much for students to successfully complete their online course. All they require is to provide a valid email address for registration. Once that is done, they process the registration and submit it to the American Association of Professional Coders for approval. I was able to complete the course in less than fourteen days.

Now, what I found out about Career Step and their “career path” programs is that they don’t teach their students anything on how to be a medical transcription editor. I’m sure you’ve seen numerous advertisements for medical transcription editors that provide a step-by-step curriculum on how to become an audio transcriptionist. What I found out was that the courses offered by Career Step only go through the basics of medical transcription.

Once I completed the online course, I started looking into transcription companies to find job opportunities. Since I have excellent typing skills, I applied to transcription companies as many as possible. However, it took more than a month before I received a response. In that time, I met with a few companies and was offered a position with one of them. So my career step I went through was to work as a medical transcriptionist in a health care office.

If you are one of the thousands of individuals who would like to pursue a career in the medical transcription field but don’t know where to start, I strongly recommend you take a course similar to mine. It will provide information on how to be a medical transcription editor and will provide support throughout your career. You will learn from someone who experienced the system first-hand.