Use Resume Examples to the Fullest Extent. It is essential that you do not only use these resume examples blindly, nor should you merely copy a template and plaster your name across top. Templates should only be utilized as a guide, yet they do not allow for your uniqueness, experience, skills, and career path. Each resume should speak to its intended audience, and not be a “one size fits all.” In addition, the template or example should show you how to effectively use the information provided in your resume.

resume examples

When you are looking at resume examples, always consider that some of them may not fit your particular situation. For example, if you are seeking a combination of jobs, such as being an Accountant and a Realtor, consider that the Accountant resume might get passed over. Likewise, it might not be a good idea to look at a resume for a Sales Associate position and a Truck Driver’s role. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. You will learn from it.

Consider that different work experiences will need to be presented. Your resume examples may have information about your prior job duties. The language in your resume needs to be targeted to highlighting your most desirable skills. Some people with specific skills in accounting may be better suited to a position in Finance than Realtor, for example.

When you are reviewing resume examples, think about how much of your core competencies can be developed. There are many ways to analyze your resume. A good way to look at your resume is to consider the skills that are necessary for you to get the job. A good fit between your resume and a potential employer can be found if you develop your skills over time through your work experience.

Think about how you might approach different resume formats. There are many different resume formats out there. You will find those which highlight your chronological work experience and those which focus on your overall qualifications. There are also some very unique resume examples which actually tell a story, highlighting your accomplishments through various anecdotes.

Some other factors to consider when looking at resume examples include the use of action verbs in your titles, as well as your use of personal pronouns, including but not limited to, you, me, or our. Action verbs let employers know that you are an active person. Using personal pronouns, particularly but not exclusively, give employers an idea of your gender and identity. When using action verbs in your titles, you should use them to describe the accomplishment you want the employer to know. However, you must be sure that the action verbs in your title do not conflict with each other.

Many professional resume examples have been written for people who are not necessarily focused upon a specific type of job search. If you are looking for a great example of a professional resume, you will want to go beyond just searching through newspapers and the Internet. There is a wealth of information available online which gives employers a quick glimpse into what types of job searches and accomplishments you might be qualified for based on your past work history. Many of these sites also give examples of professional resume examples for individuals who might be more focused upon a specific industry.

You will want to be sure that your resume highlights all of the relevant work history, education, and awards that you have attained. Many of the best resume examples out there tell stories which bring the reader in closer contact with you. This personal touch will pay off handsomely when you apply for any number of jobs, especially those where you will need to emphasize your accomplishments.