Career Step has been known as one of the best training centers for healthcare careers. It is situated in Rockford, Illinois. It offers online courses as well as regular class attendance. There are four schools located in Rockford, namely Rockford Technical Institute, Rockford College of Nursing and Healthcare Management Institute. The course duration and cost vary from course to course.

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Career Step provides courses online only. This school also offers training in 65 qualifications, including: Certified Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Coding Certification, and Certified Medical Transcriptionist & Interventional Radiology Technologist. The overall cost to attend Career Step varies from course to course, ranging from $899 to over $5,500 depending on the qualification. Some of the services offered by Career Step include career counseling, resume writing, career placement assistance, career transition planning, healthcare leadership development, healthcare ethics training, healthcare marketing skills training, healthcare management, healthcare technology, and medical Office Administration. The services are mainly offered free of charge to career graduates.

Career Step provides career development and counseling services for students planning to join healthcare professions. It conducts interviews and conducts assessments to identify the suitability of each student. A career development center is scheduled to meet twice yearly. The student support advisors at Career Step are committed to helping students succeed in their chosen profession. They are available to give full support and assistance to students who have plans of starting a career in medical transcription or in a related field.

The Medical Coding Certification course is a special requirement for medical transcriptionists working in hospitals, clinics and government organizations. The program consists of a comprehensive overview of the job market in the medical transcription industry, clinical guidelines, terminologies and jargon, billing procedures, and administrative aspects of transcription. Medical transcriptionists who have completed this program earn an associate degree. Medical transcription editors are employed by medical schools and medical coding firms. Medical transcription editing jobs require professionals to possess good typing speed, good editing abilities, good attention to detail, accurate reading skills, and a knowledge of medical terminology. Medical transcription editors work on projects for healthcare providers, hospitals, and other health care related institutions.

There are a variety of positions available for medical transcriptionists. They can be employed in the clinic reception as well as in an office environment as part of the staff. Some of the basic job titles include medical transcriptionist, medical coder, medical transcription, medical coder/editing supervisor, and medical transcriptionist analyst. Other associated job titles include medical secretaries, transcriptionists’ assistants, quality assurance specialists, technical personnel, and office managers.

As part of career development, a student can choose to pursue further training and education via an associate’s degree or certificate in medical transcription. These programs offer students the opportunity to specialize in particular areas of medical billing and/or medical transcription. Students can complete their medical transcription program in as little as two years. Certificate programs take longer to complete.

To become a professional medical transcription editor, one needs to obtain a diploma from an accredited institution and pass the certification exam. The exams are given periodically by the American Medical Transcription Association (AMTA). Students need to successfully pass the exam in order to become certified. There is a requirement that graduates meet the minimum educational requirement, pass the certification exam, and pass the state exam in order to become a certified medical transcription editor. Students are also required to take a specialty course in business administration.

Those who successfully complete their medical transcription program and the certification exam are then eligible for employment in the field by healthcare companies and medical institutions. The turnover rate for medical transcriptionists is quite high, which means that those who enter this field will have a lot of job stability. With the Internet being widely used by patients and doctors today, many medical transcriptionists work from home.