If you’re looking for resume tips on landing that amazing job, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not enough to dream of a new career or leave the comfort of your home to secure that promotion. The competition is fierce, and the job market is tough, but this doesn t mean you should settle for second best. Use these resume tips to get that job you’ve always wanted. They’ll help you improve your chances of success.

Use a professional address. Signing your name as yourself in an email address that goes to work says something – you don t even have to put a full name. Importance: One of the best resume tips is to make sure your contact info is current. Always include a phone number and / or e-mail address so that those who contact you can quickly reach you.

Don t’ dwell on your achievements. Too many people focus only on their past job titles and the tasks they accomplished. The best resume tips advocate including relevant details about your past work history. Focus on the one page resume that lists your educational accomplishments first (otherwise your achievements might be listed on another two-page resume), then list your professional responsibilities and your employment history (start with the most recent).

Use bullet points. This is the one thing that a lot of people do incorrectly when writing their resume – they cut out the interesting bits. You should use bullets to outline your key points. Doing so helps make your resume sound like an expert made it and makes it easier to read.

Use keywords. Using proper resume keywords will help you land that job. The keywords will identify your resume from other candidates. Properly use keywords in your sentence constructions, title and in the employer’s resource box. If you’re a part-time worker and you have three part-time jobs, you will be writing a resume for each of those jobs (and a related, but separate, position within the same company), so use keywords for all three (or all three, if you are a part-time worker).

Include soft skills. Your bullet points should point out your positive traits, skills and talents, and emphasize your soft skills. For example, if you are a fluent Spanish speaker and you are in the bookkeeping department of a large multinational company, mention this in your resume: my strong Spanish speaking skills and expertise with accounting and legal matters make me the right fit for accountants in the Accounting department.

Use appropriate fonts and boldness. You need to draw the eye and hold it. All too often, resume writers and recruiters select poorly sized fonts and excessive boldness when writing a resume or cover letter for a part-time position that goes beyond “telecommuting”. A career chronology can look great in a graphic with larger type and a larger background, but when you send it out in the form of a resume, it’s best to use smaller fonts and minimal boldness.

Skimmability is an important factor in your resume and a vital part of your job search strategy. You want to appeal to hiring managers’ desire for someone with strong qualifications who will fit into their work environment. Keep your information simple but accurate. You don’t have to skimp on the details. Just improve your skimmability by following these resume tips.

Don’t sound like you are making excuses for a lack of a specific title. Make sure your resume flows well and makes sense. Use bullets and sub-bullets wherever appropriate to add impact. For example, if your career history listed positions like Marketing Manager, Director of Recruitment, Sales Manager, etc., make sure your bullet points to explain why these are relevant positions for a prospective employer.

Another helpful resume tip is to use effective bullet points. One of the biggest mistake candidates make when writing their resumes is using only one or two bullet points. It’s not enough to simply say, “I held many positions.” You have to give specific details, too. Using several bullet points makes your resume, more reader friendly and easier to understand.

Finally, you need to highlight your strongest selling points. When writing a resume, be sure to include a strong summary statement at the top of your page that briefly describes you and your accomplishments. Be sure to include your strengths as well as your goals in this statement. If you want to be considered for the reverse chronological hiring manager job, be sure to highlight your key capabilities in this statement. The summary statement will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.