If you’re in the market for a new job, then chances are you’ve heard of resume tips and tricks. You may have also picked up some of your own resume tips through the grapevine or from friends and family. The truth is that there are many resume-building tips that are worth following. But if you don’t do one or more of these resume tips correctly, then you could ruin your chances for the job of your dreams.

resume tips

Use a professional email address to send in your resume. Importance: One of the most important resume tips you’ll ever hear is to make sure that your email address is easy to spell and easy to remember for your prospective employer. If they can’t reach you, then they won’t read your resume. Most job hunters receive hundreds, even thousands, of resumes. Don’t let that number get out of hand.

Follow up quickly. When it comes to resume tips, time is of the essence. When job seekers contact a recruiter, it’s important that the recruiter gets in touch with them within a reasonable amount of time. This is to ensure that they receive a fair amount of information about the company, especially when the timing and place for the interview is such that the candidate may receive a call or e-mail within the first few hours of contact. So, always make sure that you follow up promptly when you meet with a potential recruiter.

Focus on your best skills. Another of the most important resume tips you will ever hear is to focus on your best skills. Focus on skills that will directly help you land the position you’re applying for. Don’t focus on aspects of your resume that aren’t related to your dream job, as this will only cause the hiring manager to want to see everything else about you that relates to your skills.

Be honest. You have nothing to worry about regarding honesty, as employers do not have any reason to doubt your sincerity. However, make sure that you are completely honest with your interviewer. Don’t make up stories or embellish work history to boost your qualifications. A lie only shows that you don’t really know what you are talking about and this can have disastrous consequences for your application.

Know your role. One of the most important resume tips that every one must follow is to know what your role is on your potential hire’s resume and to know it well. As an administrative assistant, it would be difficult for you to put down that you are currently the marketing director or that you are currently the financial manager. Therefore, make sure that you know who your role is and how you can help the prospective employer evaluate your application.

Focus on your skills. A cover letter is not about your skills, but about your qualifications. If you focus on your skills and accomplishments, your resume will be more likely to attract the attention it deserves. In fact, employers are looking at your cover letter more than your resume and that alone. Make sure that you have all of your credentials listed and focus on your skills more than your abilities.

Short but Sweet Job Descriptions. Your resume should only contain relevant details about your job duties. This means that you should only include tasks that were completed during the period of time when you were an administrative assistant. Don’t focus on accomplishments over a certain period of time, because recruiters will simply see your resume as a list of duties versus your abilities.