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Role Of Career Development In An Organization

Career Development Planning reflects the strategic plan, an individual can go through to transform their occupational potential to match desired professional goals. In a world where knowledge is in abundance, career development planning is important. It is the avenue of making plans for long-term professional advancement, in alignment with individual career requirements. A career development plan is developed keeping in mind, the skills, knowledge, education and experience, relevant to a particular field and also the future goals. It involves taking decision making skill and knowledge into consideration while working towards a planned objective.

The basic function of career development planning is to create a suitable work structure for an individual to reach his/her goals. It should be done keeping in mind, the skill sets, knowledge, education and experience, relevant to the chosen field. A proper planning will help in aligning individual career objectives with organization objectives. It is also essential for the growth and development of human resources in an organization.

Career development opportunities are many. They range from obtaining higher qualifications, training for new skills, acquiring additional knowledge, enhancing skills and gaining experienced. A variety of career development opportunities are available for employees who are looking for ways to enhance their skills and knowledge base. Career development opportunities to help employees develop into financially, emotionally and psychologically healthy individuals. It also helps employees who are willing to make lateral moves within the organization.

Professional career guidance helps employees set up a career path that suits them and their career goals. It helps employees identify their aptitude and skill sets, which could prove useful in aligning their career goals with organizational objectives. It teaches employees how to enhance their skills and knowledge base for competitive positioning in the market. It also helps employees decide upon the appropriate career path that could prove helpful in achieving desired objectives.

Professional career guidance also plays an important role in individual development plans. This is achieved by assisting the employees to set realistic career goals, prepare suitable documents, decide upon the methods of applying for the grants and seek assistance from various professional agencies in the process. Professional career guidance helps employees choose the appropriate career path that suits their aptitude, skill and knowledge base. Professional career guidance provides necessary information which is crucial in the selection process. Apart from this, they also guide the selected employees towards achieving career goals.

Professional career development guidance helps employees develop a suitable career plan that helps them attain desired objectives in the shortest time span. It ensures that all the skill development plans and career plans are aligned with company goals and missions. It also helps employees to take informed decisions related to skill development, career planning and decision making. It helps employees to choose the best professionals for a particular job. Training in relevant subjects is provided to selected staff members for better future prospects.

Career management programs are designed keeping in mind the needs of employees at different levels. It involves both internal and external factors. Planning of career based on skills, talent, education and experience helps employees to select the right professionals for a particular job. Proper assessment procedures help to identify weak areas that require further work. Training and seminars are conducted periodically for the employees to enhance individual development plans and performance monitoring procedures. Regular appraisal processes help to monitor the progress of the employees towards their career objective.

The main objectives of career planning are to identify and channelize human resources towards the attainment of desired career goals. Employees are encouraged to explore their hidden talents and potentials. Career planning helps to improve overall employee and organization functioning. It promotes a sense of belonging within an organization and increases the overall productivity and profit margin.