A career fair, also known as a career expo or job fair or career swap, is a unique event where employers, recruiters and other relevant businesses give out information on available jobs. Career fairs are mostly held during the last week of January. Career fairs occur in different places and are designed to give employers a chance to put their forward resume to various businesses and organizations looking for their sort of services and skill sets. This also increases the likelihood of the employer contacting the person, who could possibly be interested in the company’s advertised positions. Some career fairs, however, may also occur outside of the winter months when it is often cold outside. In such cases, the event may be called an outdoor career fair.

career fair

The majority of people that may want to attend career fairs are either unemployed or have only a part-time job. They do not have the money to travel to the nearest career fair in their area or can’t afford the expenses associated with such events. They also don’t want to spend the time driving to various career fairs or having to commute for hours. They may even be worried about their appearance at such events.

In these instances, they can attend one of the local career fairs. It is often sponsored by a local business or organization. There are usually open positions to be had at these events. Attending one of these events gives the potential employer a chance to meet potential employees face to face. It is also a good place for new graduates and those just looking for a change of pace to network and make new connections. Often, people who attend job fairs find that they strike up friendships with people who have things in common with them.

Many people, who attend career fairs, choose to bring something to the event. This could be information about themselves or an interesting fact about their line of work. They may bring a resume or CV. They may also bring samples of their work. Whatever they decide to bring, it makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

One way to get your foot in the door when it comes to one of these events is to volunteer. Many employers attend job fairs, but they usually hire a few people for a selection process. By signing up for a few positions and presenting your best talent, you can increase the chances of being considered for the finalist positions. If you can show the hiring manager that you are enthusiastic about the position and that you would be good for the position, it will go a long way in convincing the hiring manager to select you.

When writing your resume at a career fair, you are advised against stuffing it with bullet points and too many titles. This is because the recruiter will then consider you for only the positions you have listed in your resume. The recruiter does not want to spend valuable time reviewing resumes. You can still highlight your strong points using bulleted or numbered lists. Just do not list everything in your resume.

A career fair can be a great place to network with potential employers. However, when the opportunity comes up for you to speak to a hiring manager face-to-face, it is recommended that you warm him or her up before the actual meeting. If you are nervous, remember that you can still write a professional and efficient handshake. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is shake hands with the person in front of you and say hello.

Now that you know how to write a professional handshake and how to follow-up on LinkedIn, you can get more interviews and better opportunities. It is a good idea to also update and review your linkedin profile regularly. Remember that a good way to attract the right kind of employer is to follow-up on LinkedIn. By creating and following a great profile, you will build credibility with the right type of employer.