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Top Tips for Writing Effective and Persuasive College Resume

A college resume for admissions is a one page document which highlights a high school student’s most noteworthy achievements. It differs from a resume in that it may also highlight extracurricular activities or projects which show why the student is a good fit for the college. This is especially helpful for students who have received positive reviews from admissions officers, but who still need to work on their college applications. This type of college resume highlights a student’s career goals and will generally include information about the student’s extracurricular activities. The college will take this into consideration when reviewing the resume.

Highlight strengths with your job experience. Highlight areas in which you have gained work experience, such as community service or volunteer work. If you are applying to several different colleges, highlight positions in which you have gained significant work experience. This will help to convince college admissions officers that you have the ability to succeed in a particular field and will use your work experience in conjunction with your community experience to excel in that field.

Highlight leadership skills. Focus on awards and honors which you have received throughout your high school career. Honors such as championships or accolades can go a long way towards proving to colleges that not only you possess abilities on the field, but that you are mature enough and responsible enough to excel in leadership positions. You will likely have received letters of recommendation which list your leadership skills. These letters often outline your accomplishments in the areas of leadership and service. This is the best time to emphasize these types of achievements.

Highlight coursework achievements. Focus on your coursework accomplishments, especially if you have taken some college level courses in high school which have been well above the minimum accepted criteria. At the very least, you should provide a summary of all of those coursework courses. For most entry level positions, it is important to be able to provide a curriculum vitae which highlights your abilities and work ethic.

Highlight your extracurricular activities. This can include things such as band participation and extra-curricular activities such as sports. While it may seem strange to point out these things after your college resume has already mentioned your professional accomplishments, there is a big difference between a student who has participated in college activities and one who has not. It never hurts to bring up these types of achievements during your freshman year. The admissions staff is more likely to remember a student who was active in his or her high school community.

Focus on your personality and soft skills. Your college resume is a reflection of who you are, so when it comes to highlighting your personality and soft skills, give special attention to this part of your personality. If you have a positive personality and were involved in extra-curricular activities during your high school years, make sure to list these things.

Highlight your special skills. Special skills can be very valuable, and they can help you separate yourself from other applicants with similar educational background. Some examples of special skills might include being an excellent athlete, being an excellent writer, or being a talented student. Focus your college resume on highlighting these specific abilities so that your admission essays will draw the attention of admissions personnel.

Write in an effective and persuasive style. Make sure that your college resume is written in a way that will appeal to the recruiters, hiring managers, and job coaches. You can start by drafting your personal statement, then organize your academic and professional history in chronological order. Highlight your unique strengths and achievements in your college resumes. Don’t forget to list any community volunteer work you might have done, your honors and awards, and any professional associations you might have been affiliated with. Keep in mind that your college resumes will be the first thing the recruiters and hiring managers see, so you want to make sure that this is an attention-grabbing document that will immediately attract the interest of these professionals.