linkedin job search tips

Using LinkedIn Job Search Tips To Maximize Your Results

Use SEO for your LinkedIn job search. Use keywords to optimize your profile. Incorporate keywords in your cover letter and profile descriptions. Use industry specific keywords in your resume. Participate in industry related Facebook groups to demonstrate you are actively participating in your field.

It’s been proven that when recruiters search an individual’s resume using LinkedIn, they are more likely to choose the person with relevant, useful information versus a person without any skills or work experience. Therefore, one of the top linkedin job search tips is to create a valuable profile that will make recruiters want to visit you. You can do this by completing all the actions necessary to maintain an engaging profile. For example, you can add recent accomplishments, educational links, professional network connections and more. If you complete these activities on a regular basis, recruiters will begin to see you as a person who is actively involved within your field, rather than just someone looking for a job.

Use the search engines to find your related network. Using the “connect” feature to find people with the same business interests as you provides numerous linkedin profiles that may be targeted for your needs. LinkedIn will also provide you with many people who have similar educational interests as you. Therefore, if you have educational goals that align with many people in the engineering field, you can search for engineers and see who’s connections are best suited to assisting you in achieving your goals.

Set your privacy settings to allow only the authorized contacts to view your profile. Your linkedin privacy settings control who can view your profile and contact information. Many people will set their privacy settings to allow contact with current and past employers, clients, and former co-workers. If you use the “profile” function to display your link to potential employers, make sure your contact information is marked private so that employers cannot see your information. This can help you secure a job search.

Add many people to your network quickly. LinkedIn makes it easy to find many people who have the same business interests as you. When using the search functions, type in keywords related to the position you are applying for and search for connected LinkedIn profiles that include these words. You can then apply to hundreds of companies by increasing your network quickly and effectively.

Learn how to use the profile function and connect with the appropriate groups. The “network” section of LinkedIn allows you to browse profiles of individuals who are connected to you by connecting with their networks. These individuals often share similar business interests, skills, and talents with you. For this reason, connecting with these individuals through LinkedIn is one of the most effective LinkedIn job search tips.

Posting on your professional page will allow you to showcase your skills and expertise. Because the network includes all of your contacts, including former co-workers and potential employers, it is imperative that you learn how to leverage this tool to your advantage. When applying for jobs, always provide an updated resume that includes your professional profile and contact information. If your profile is not currently connected to any groups, take the time to create it and add your network. LinkedIn profiles can also be leveraged in the search function to help you search for jobs, find mentors, and connect with current job seekers.

You must network with those with whom you can relate in order to succeed. As mentioned above, LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals in the world, so you have an opportunity to meet those with whom you would not normally be able to network. Asking people to connect with you is an effective way to get the job you want. LinkedIn’s Job Search Tips Center is your portal to finding the job that will meet your needs. Take advantage of all the features that this great network provides and you will get a lot out of your efforts.