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What Are Career Development Theory And Why Is It Important?

Career Development planning refers to the procedure that an individual can go through to evolve his occupational status in career. It’s the procedure of making strategic decisions for future career progress, to align future career goals with personal aspirations of mental or physical fulfillment. It is a plan whereby you plan ahead for the challenges and milestones you will experience along your career path.

There are two stages of career development, these are known as growth and stability. The growth stage is represented by the first five years in a person’s career. During this period, he or she is establishing himself or herself in a new position. This involves building up necessary knowledge, acquiring skills and pursuing professional objectives. In order to progress to the next steps, you need to take into consideration some of the following tips:

* Identify your career goals. Take time to analyze what you want to achieve out of your career development. What do you want to become? Is there a specific skill or trait that you want to develop to a higher level? Career development aims to enhance skills, increase employability, build reputation and improve leadership skills.

* Identify your personal strengths and talents. It is important to consider your skills, interests and other personal characteristics. These will be your driving force in achieving career development. In addition, it is also important to consider your interest, hobbies and interests. These will provide you relevant information to work hard at attaining your career development goals.

* Seek and obtain relevant knowledge. Knowledge is power, and career development helps you obtain the right knowledge for successful career development. You will be able to make a better and informed decision-making regarding your future career path and this can help you in moving ahead. The Internet is a rich source of information, and you will be able to gather valuable information that will aid you in making a wise career decision.

* Accept that you may not know everything. As you go through your career development journey, you will come across many interesting things and facts. Keep in mind that even experts are new at times, and the knowledge you gain from these experiences can also be beneficial in molding your personality, enhancing your skills and talents and ultimately leading you to your desired careers.

* Develop a strong self-concept. Your self Concept is an important key in attaining your goals for career development. It will be based on your strengths, weaknesses and other traits. Once you have developed a strong self-concept, it will be easier for you to get motivated to take the necessary steps towards your goal of attaining your goals.

* Put your goals within reach. Many people have set their goals too high when in fact they are too lofty. In order to achieve success and be successful in achieving your career development goals, it is important that you set your goals in such a way as to realistically give you room to achieve them. Remember that setting goals that are too lofty can only frustrate and discourage you. Rather, set your goals in such a way as to give you room to achieve them.

* Have a self-assessment and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths and weaknesses should be taken into consideration during a career development plan. It will then be easier for you to identify where you need improvement or changes. You should also have a list of your current skills and competencies. This will enable you to evaluate yourself and develop further skills and competencies so that you are better equipped to achieve your goals.

* Develop a career development plan. In order to develop a career development plan, it is necessary that you identify your personal goals, identify your career objectives and set time frames for attaining these goals. You also need to identify various career development options available to you such as the options to pursue educational courses and complete professional degree courses. In addition, you may want to consider additional training courses or certifications which can further enhance your skills and help you in achieving your goals. A career development plan helps you choose the best career path for you.

The three main components of career development theory are personal goals, career objectives and the appropriate training and qualifications to support these goals. The personal goals are essential to achieving success, whereas the objectives must be aligned with other personal or professional interests and the training or qualifications must be related to the particular job roles you are seeking. The third component, the training and qualifications is a very important aspect and it is often overlooked, however, without suitable training and qualifications your capabilities will not be effective and will not contribute towards a successful career path.