Career finders are not just fun, they are important. In today’s world, what makes someone effective at their job is often very unclear. Most people spend many years at their jobs without really knowing what they are doing. What career will have you working on a beach in Bali in the sun when you could be working in an office?

career finder

Why career tests and career quizzes will always lead you wrong. The real answer to, what career should bring you happiness will have a simpler answer than you probably think. The reason no one else seems to have the job you want or could have been because they did not know where their ideal career path was. A career finder may actually help you figure out your ideal career path.

The first big career finder tool is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best online social network ever. You can search for people with exactly the skills you are looking for. If you are in sales, you could search for sales people with exactly the skills you are looking for. With a bit of effort you can build a network of people that are linked to you on LinkedIn and therefore you can access their career information and learn from them.

The second big career finder tool is career quizzes. These career quizzes will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about what career is right for you. Just as with career tests, if you do not know what career you want to go into you cannot go to career fairs or interviews to get more information. Only by taking detailed notes about the different careers you consider will you know which ones match up to your personal needs.

The third big career finder tool is to use Google’s career search engine. If you don’t have a Google account you can sign up for a free one here. Once you are on, use the search box to look for keywords related to what career you are looking for. For example, if you are interested in working in finance, just enter finance as your keyword. Google will then give you results based on all the relevant searches that have been done using that set of keywords.

If you do not have any hobbies or interests, it may still be possible to use these Google tools to look for jobs that are similar to your hobbies and interests. Google has a special feature in which they show a range of jobs that are similar to your hobbies or interests. If you are a passionate teacher, for example, there are many job growth opportunities in education that you would potentially fit in with. You just need to keep searching until you find something.

The final career finder tool we are going to look at is a career quiz website. This website will allow you to enter some information about your career and it will then bring up a career quiz. You will then be able to see how aligned your career is with what you really want to do. This is often very good for showing you the areas where you may need to further your education or develop additional skills. Another great pro tip is to take the career quiz once you have entered your work experience. This will make it much easier to remember exactly what it was you were aiming to achieve in terms of career goals.

So there you have it. Google searches, career finder tools and informational interviews are just a few of the methods you can use to gauge your career aptitude. There are many more, but these three are certainly worth investigating. So keep exploring and I’m sure you will find something useful.