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What Is a Resume Summary Statement?

A resume summary is an introductory professional statement on top of an applicant’s resume. It generally describes the applicant’s relevant experience, qualifications, skills, and accomplishments. The point of the resume summary is to explain your skills for the position in three-five sentences and persuade the employer to read the entire resume document. It is usually placed at the end of the resume or in the application folder.

Employers want to know what they have hired someone for, the exact skills and abilities an employee possesses, and what makes the candidate stand out from the crowd. What could make you stand out from other candidates applying for the same position? What could you do to differentiate yourself from other eager, qualified applicants? A resume summary gives you that information in an informative format to help make your resume stand out.

Most people are familiar with the professional experience section found at the end of an applicant’s resume. Most applicants include a description of their work history and a few achievements, such as degrees, diplomas, certifications, or titles. Some include professional experience in a specific field, such as nursing or accounting. But a resume summary can provide additional information that employers find useful when reviewing a full resume sample.

An impressive resume summary shows that the candidate has been effective in achieving important goals. You should describe your career highlights, especially those that directly contribute to an employer achieving a job offer. Include a statement that says, “I was able to meet my goals in my previous job.” The statement shows you have a good grasp of your accomplishments and your commitment to future employment, even after obtaining another job offer.

What do you do when you are looking for a career change? Include a line that says, “I am eager to learn new skills and apply my newly-acquired abilities.” This demonstrates that you are flexible and willing to learn and adapt in order to find a new position. It also showcases your commitment to continuing your education and becoming a better professional.

An analyst resume highlights your skills and qualifications in relation to the opening you are applying for. Analysts use analytic skills and experience to analyze a variety of situations. Some analysts specialize in a particular industry, such as business analyst, financial analyst, or marketing analyst. Your resume summary should include one or two statements that highlight your skills that relate to the position you are applying for. The statements should discuss your experience that directly relates to the job.

An academic resume summary reflects on your educational background and includes statements about your degree(s), including the name of the college or university, dates you attended, and any seminars you were a part of. You can also include a statement that says, “I am currently enrolled in an undergraduate program that is focused on human resources.” Just as with a skills-based statement, the employment position you are applying for might have specific requirements regarding prior education. You should indicate which educational courses you have taken and the dates of each course. This will help the hiring manager determine if your skills match the job requirements.

A customer service resume summary lets the employer know how qualified you are for the position you are seeking. Many customers seek assistance from a company representative. You may have specialized training in customer service or be a skilled customer care specialist. If so, then your resume summary should emphasize your abilities. You should list your training courses, any certifications you are accredited for, and any extra training you have received. A customer service resume writing service can provide you with a template for a resume summary that emphasizes your customer service skills and references that can validate your customer service experience.