A job fair is a useful and productive tool in getting the job you want, especially if you are a fresh graduate. On a larger scale, you can utilize a job fair to assist you on all job-related points: honing on the industry you intend to pursue, developing your network, identifying resources to aid your search, and even honing your resume and skills. But did you know that an unemployed individual can also use a job fair? Here are some job fair tips for graduate job seekers:

job fair tips

– Learn about the job fair. Most employers host job fairs to gather candidates that are keen on applying for their openings. If you happen to be an unemployed individual looking for an opportunity to apply for a specific position, it would be helpful to attend such an event. This is where you will be able to gather relevant information and learn how to properly present yourself and your qualifications.

– Dress for success. You can always look your best when attending a job fair. It is a great way of boosting your professional image and gaining a positive first impression on potential employers. To make this work in your favor, dress in a business-appropriate manner. Do not forget to arrive on time to your interviews.

– Be flexible. One of the best job fair tips for graduate candidates is to show flexibility by accepting different job opportunities. Even if the position that you have been offered does not suit your particular needs, it is a great chance to test the waters. You can also consider attending another virtual event or similar events until you find something that works for you.

– Avoid lying on your resume. Graduate applicants who lie on their resumes are considered untrustworthy. Such individuals would rather accept an offer that does not benefit them in any way. As such, it is advisable to develop a professional level of respect toward your recruiter. Honesty is very important as you try to portray a positive image for your self.

– Follow job fair interview tips on having patience when answering questions during your interview. Do not rush through the questions as the interviewer may question you about your previous work experiences. Take your time in answering them. When you are pressed for time, hand out business cards and make eye contact with the interviewer? This will show that you are confident enough to handle any question that they throw at you. Your eagerness to answer questions is more convincing.

– Always remember to end your answers with your name and contact information. It is best to stick to the same information given in your resume. This will save the recruiter the trouble of having to call you several times just to ask about your previous employment, salary and so on. As such, do not forget to mention your name and contact information when he/she calls you for the second interview.

– Do not fail to introduce yourself by giving your name, contact information and your job title. During your first meeting with a potential candidate, it is important to build rapport with the recruiter. This is why you should spend some time before the interview talking on the phone. You can introduce yourself, give your contact information and give a brief job fair resume or business card description. By doing so, the recruiter will know who you are and can plan your interview accordingly.

– When making an opening, always give a professional look and conduct yourself with confidence. Dress professionally for the first impression you make on the recruiters. Also, be aware that there are some employers who do not hire job candidates who look down on other people, especially the ones who are applying for the job. So, be sure to project an air of professionalism.

– Attend the job fair in style. Try to get your baggage and luggage covered so that you can easily slip into the baggage claim area from the airport. Be sure to arrive on time and to look well groomed and fresh. You may also want to consider investing in a smart watch to wear while you are waiting in line. Complement your outfit with neatly pressed casual clothes and a business-to-business suit for the formal parts of the recruitment objectives.

– Do not be discouraged if you are unsuccessful in getting a job after attending a job fair. There is still hope for you. If you were not hired, simply review your resume for errors and contact the organizers to have it fixed. Some recruiters even give job seekers free resume consultation sessions. With persistence, you can certainly land your dream job.