A resume objective is typically a short statement at the very top of the resume stating the expected job role and the specific skills required to do the work associated with the position. Objective statements should be tailored to fit each individual job application to fit the specific qualifications and skills desired for that position. While it is not mandatory to include an objective in your resume, it can certainly help your resume come to life by highlighting specific skills, experience and skills you have gained during your career.

Here are some sample resume objective examples that can be used as a guide in writing a strong and effective objective. The numbers indicate the word count; the first number indicates the number of words included in the objective, the second number indicates the word count in the rest of the sentence, the third number is the total word count for the entire document and the fourth number is the standard word limit used in the hospitality industry. For example, if writing a cover letter for a customer requiring three years of hospitality industry experience, the objective would read “have worked as a cashier/waiter/kitchen staff for the last three years”. This example is meant to give an idea of how many words can be used in a specific objective to make it flow easier for the reader.

Another great way to highlight your strong skills is to create a resume summary. A resume summary is simply a section at the end of a resume highlighting your accomplishments, employment history and other important information. A resume summary is a great way to highlight your key skills quickly and easily without having to go through the entire resume. Here are some sample resume summary examples:

* High School Leadership Skills: If you have a history of high school leadership skills, you can put this at the top of your resume objective. Your resume objective will be customized to emphasize your strong leadership skills. High school graduation or experience as a student leader can be highlighted. High school grades can also be included under “leadership skills”. You will want to use appropriate phrases that will demonstrate your high school leadership skills.

* An Existing Profession: If you have experience in a field that is not yet represented on a job resume, you can capitalize on this in your resume objectives. You can write a career objective stating that you seek employment in this field. The resume objective should state the specific skills and experiences you have that make you a perfect fit for the position. You can include specific degrees or certifications that make you a perfect fit for the position. This is a great way to make sure you’re specific for the position being sought.

* A High Quality Financial Analyst: If you are seeking employment as a financial analyst, you can utilize the financial objective in your resume objective. This objective should state that you have a quality background in financial analysis that includes three to four years of work experience. A quality financial analyst with this type of experience has the ability to self-motivate and be goal oriented.

* Conflict Resolution: If you are seeking a conflict resolution position, you can use your resume objective to state that you are a skilled professional who is in the industry of conflict resolution. This will highlight your leadership skills. In addition, if you are a conflict resolution specialist, you will want to utilize the conflict resolution resume objective. To use this resume objective, you should state that you are a skilled professional in the area of conflict resolution and that you were recently named a Fellow for the Institute of Conflict Resolution. You should also indicate that you were recently selected as anointed Project Manager for a nationwide organization that was formed by former President Bill Clinton and which provides training and support for conflict resolution professionals. You should sign your name personally at the bottom of your resume.

These are just a few sample resumes to help you determine what kind of resume objective you should use when writing your resume. Each one is perfect for a certain job or career. If you are seeking a job as a paralegal or some other position that does not require formal business education, you should not list that career objective on your resume. However, if you are seeking a formal business degree, you can put that career goal on your resume as a paralegal resume objective or a clerical resume objective.