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Writing a Strong Resume Objective – Tips For Writing a Strong Objective

A resume objective is a short section of your resume that outlines your career objectives and states your personal key skills. To write a good resume objective, mention the specific job title you’re applying for, identify your key skills, and state what you hope to accomplish in the position. Be as detailed as possible; don’t just list your educational qualifications. Also, keep it around 2 to 3 sentences in length. Your objective will be much easier to read when it’s brief and to the point.

The most common mistake many people make when writing their resume objective is not to use a strong trait to describe yourself. Why is this a mistake? Well, by not including a strong trait in your resume objective you will limit your chances of getting the position. For example, let’s assume you’re applying to be an assistant to a cosmetic surgeon. You’ve got strong skills such as typing well, being organized, and taking excellent notes.

But those are all general skills that you may not need in that position. For example, let’s assume you’re applying to be an administrative assistant to a dermatologist. You’d likely be strong in accounting, office management, bookkeeping, or medical billing. So your resume objective statements should emphasize your skills related to working with dermatology patients, as that is where your talents are needed. For that position, you would want to emphasize your key management skills of accounting and office organization.

If you’re seeking a job as a teacher, instead of seeking one as an administrative assistant, you have more options. You can emphasize any of the core skills listed above. Or, focus on one specific skill such as being a great teacher. Again, let your resume objective statements reflect the skills you’ll bring to the position. A good way to do that is to highlight the following:

If you are seeking a job as a college student, you can emphasize any of the skills listed above. Perhaps, you’re a great writer. Great writers are in demand in the world today. Or, you have great computer skills. You can add value by adding a line at the end of your resume objective stating that you’re seeking a position as a college student majoring in English.

If you are seeking a career as a teacher, it is important to use the same resume objective statement for that job as you did for your administrative assistant job. In other words, don’t change the words “career goal” to “career summary.” This will show that you are using the same resume objective wording for every job you’re applying for. When potential employers see that, they will know you are versatile. Plus, by being consistent with your resume objective wording, it shows your professionalism and a clear understanding of what you want out of life.

Another part of effective resume objectives is to include some examples of real world professional experience. Your objective statement should also list your personal qualifications. This means adding language stating how you met your educational requirements, your educational growth (yearly progress, whether you earned your Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree), your professional experience (teacher, coach, mentor, etc.) and your specialties (business, career objectives, leadership, management or sales). The key is to be specific; having too many vague phrases doesn’t make you professional.

You may wonder what types of things should be put into an objective. Here’s a tip: don’t put everything you have to include; be sure to leave some space. This space should be filled with language describing how you can help the company or position you are applying for. It could be related to your skills or knowledge about the company’s products or services. It could be related to your ability to handle difficult situations. Above all, it should emphasize that your qualifications and abilities are highly motivated and that you can contribute to the growth of the company.