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Your Lifelong Process for Career Development Theory

Career Development or Career Planning refers to an individual’s process wherein they will go through the different stages of their life to transform their occupational position into a more meaningful one. It’s the initial stage of making conscious decisions to align future career goals with personal desires of personal or career fulfillment. As career development moves on, individuals get to evaluate their career goals as well as the current career path that best suits them. This enables an individual to develop skills in key areas such as learning new skills, enhancing career satisfaction and discovering hidden talents and abilities.

It’s crucial to note that this does not happen by itself. A career development plan needs to be a systematic action plan of actions needed to achieve your career goals. You need to make a commitment to following through with your plans and to set realistic and achievable goals. This can be done by undertaking a self-assessment or asking for professional advice from an unbiased party such as a counselor, career coach or a mentor. It can also be a time-consuming process, depending on the depth of your career goals, so it’s important to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself.

Self-assessment is a useful tool to assist you in your quest for a satisfying and long-term career development. Self-assessment is a way of investigating yourself to find out where you stand and where you need to go. It’s a collaborative process in which you work with yourself by asking questions to clarify your values, strengths, weaknesses and needs. It provides valuable insight to your values, abilities, talents, skills, interests, talents and attitude towards your career development and long-term career goals. While self-assessment is an important first step in your journey for career development, you should also engage the services of professional career development coaches, mentors, or consultants to further improve your self-assessment.

Developing and maintaining a career development plan will require consistent and deliberate action by you and your chosen career development coaches, mentors and consultants. A career development plan covers various aspects of your career goals that include planning your transition, defining and documenting your key skills, setting and achieving career goals and managing your professional responsibilities. It may include the development of a career plan, implementing career plans, monitoring your career development, evaluating your career development and evaluating your progress and setbacks. A career development plan is essential for attaining long-term career success.

Developing a vision for your future career development requires you to define your lifelong process or vision for yourself. This includes deciding what skills and capabilities you have and how to acquire them. You may be skilled in a particular skill or ability that can help you develop a career path that is most suitable to you. In addition, you might be a person who is under-employed or lacks the skills needed to pursue certain careers due to several factors such as a physical disability or lack of education.

Many people, especially students, tend to follow conventional career paths after completing formal education. The first step of career development is the creation of an individualized self-assessment, which will help you identify your strengths and potentials. These self-assessments are primarily designed to help you better understand your skills, weaknesses and future career goals. They can also be used to aid in identifying training and certification programs that you may need to enhance your current skills and move on to different career paths.

Self Concept: Your self-concept or self-image is an essential part of your lifelong process. A good self-concept will determine your level of motivation, as well as your sense of achievement. This will help you determine what skills and abilities you possess and which areas you will need to further your career development. Your self-image and sense of self-worth are essential aspects of your professional success and career happiness. For this reason, it is important that you identify and develop a positive self-image that will assist in your career development efforts.

Your skills, talents and capabilities are inherent and unique. They do not belong to anyone else. Developing and enhancing your skills, talents and abilities is a lifelong process and should never be considered as a one-time-capable action. Your life skills are your most valuable asset and these should always be nurtured and cultivated. A positive self-concept and self-development plan will aid in your career development theory endeavors.